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19-Feb-05 - General cleanup of unnecessary files, and a new unified example were committed to the SVN. I also added an automatic "nightly" package. 18-Feb-05 - Some anonymous nobody screwed up some of the wikis. Last warning people, if the wiki gets screwed up again it will be locked down to authorized Trac users only. 14-Feb-05 - SVN choked up this morning for some reason. If it happens again (the timeline and browse source links above won't work) please let me know - james@…. 13-Feb-05 - Various changes have been committed to the SVN. Checkout the SVN or browse the changes online. 12-Feb-05 - Xinha is live!

Xinha (pronounced like the Warrior Princess) stands for "Xinha is not htmlarea". It began as a stop-gap fork of the InteractiveTools.Com htmlArea WYSIWYG editor, but due to popular demand it has spawned into Xinha, a generally better version of htmlArea version 3, with a much cooler name. See the Examples to have a play with the latest release of Xinha.

Further Information

What is this Website?

This website is produced with a system called "Trac" which combines this Wiki, a Subversion interface, and a bug tracking/ticket system. This is the first port of call for Xinha developers and users alike.

The Wiki is open, but it won't stay that way if you abuse it'''

Note: If this site seems a bit slow, it's because it's running on the lead developers workstation for the time being. I'll move it somewhere more capable when everything is stable :)

How can I get Xinha?

See the DownloadsPage.

Have you got a forum?

Yes, here it is. Please don't post bug reports, feature requests or patches in the forum, use the Ticket System for that so we can track them more efficiently.

How can I contribute to Xinha?

Do you know Javascript, are you willing to learn? Then checkout a working copy and get hacking that code! Check the tickets for feature requests that you could implement, reported bugs that you could fix. When you've got something worth contributing back to Xinha, just send it on along. Regular and proven contributors will get SVN commit access!

This is one of the main reasons Xinha split from htmlArea, the htmlArea development was not open to fair and equal participation by all developers. Xinha is different, we are a group of developers trying to produce the best WYSIWYG HTML Editor available.

I don't know Javascript!

That's ok, we do. Some other ways you might contribute are to sponsor development of Xinha plugins, or donate some cash to one of the Xinha developers. A donations page will be available in the near future to allow donating to any of the contributing developers.

What else is here?

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.