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    7070Do you know Javascript, are you willing to learn?  Then checkout a working copy and get hacking that code!  Check the tickets for feature requests that you could implement, reported bugs that you could fix.  When you've got something worth contributing back to Xinha, just send it on along.  Regular and proven contributors will get SVN commit access! 
    7171This is one of the main reasons Xinha split from htmlArea, the htmlArea development was not open to fair and equal participation by all developers.  Xinha is different, we are a group of developers trying to produce the best WYSIWYG HTML Editor available. 
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    72108== I don't know Javascript! == 
    73109That's ok, we do.  Some other ways you might contribute are to sponsor development of Xinha plugins, or donate some cash to one of the Xinha developers.  A donations page will be available in the near future to allow donating to any of the contributing developers.