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    1 we need a restore button!!!!! 
     3<div style="float:right;margin:1em;border:1px solid #CCC; width:200px; background-color:#EEEEEE;"> 
     4<h2 style="margin:0px;padding:3px; border-bottom:1px outset #CCC; ">News</h2> 
     6'''19-Feb-05''' - General cleanup of unnecessary files, and a new unified example were committed to the SVN.  I also added an automatic "nightly" package.[[BR]] 
     7'''18-Feb-05''' - Some anonymous nobody screwed up some of the wikis.  Last warning people, if the wiki gets screwed up again it will be locked down to authorized Trac users only.[[BR]] 
     8'''14-Feb-05''' - SVN choked up this morning for some reason.  If it happens again (the timeline and browse source links above won't work) please let me know -[[BR]] 
     9'''13-Feb-05''' - Various changes have been committed to the SVN.  [wiki:DownloadsPage Checkout the SVN] or browse the changes [source:trunk online].[[BR]] 
     10'''12-Feb-05''' - Xinha is live! 
     16Xinha (pronounced like the [ Warrior Princess]) stands for "Xinha is not htmlarea".  It began as a stop-gap fork of the [ InteractiveTools.Com] [ htmlArea] WYSIWYG editor, but due to popular demand it has spawned into Xinha, a generally better version of htmlArea version 3, with a much cooler name.  See the [wiki:Examples Examples] to have a play with the latest release of Xinha. 
     18== Further Information == 
     20 * [wiki:Differences Differences] between Xinha and htmlArea. 
     21 * [wiki:Compatability Compatability] between Xinha and htmlArea. 
     22 * [wiki:Plugins Plugins] available for/supplied with Xinha. 
     23 * [wiki:Licence Licence] 
     24 * [wiki:AResponseToDavesPost A response to some criticism from]. 
     26== What is this Website? == 
     28This website is produced with a system called "Trac" which combines this Wiki, a Subversion interface, and a bug tracking/ticket system.  This is the first port of call for Xinha developers and users alike. 
     30'''The Wiki is open, but it won't stay that way if you abuse it!''' 
     32'''Note:''' If this site seems a bit slow, it's because it's running on the lead developers workstation for the time being.  I'll move it somewhere more capable when everything is stable :)