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Release History

Installation: see Documentation/NewbieGuide/InstallingXinha

Unreleased Trunk

See Commits since r1446 (the 1.5.2 tag)

Xinha 1.5.3

Bugs Fixed

  • [1447] QuickSnippet plugin didn't load the default snippet file correctly.

New Plugins

New Features

Xinha 1.5.2

Bugs Fixed

  • [1437] Some skins had slightly incorrect toolbar row heights.
  • [1440] Ensure toolbar buttons are middle aligned
  • [1443] The download file link in the MootoolsFileManager may not have worked

New Plugins


  • [1438], [1439], [1440] Some slight tweaks to default toolbar arrangement to improve the ability to flow to narrow widths.
  • [1441] Improve the drag resize behaviour due to the varying status bar information causing it to "push out".

Xinha 1.5.1

A very small release to address a bug in relative URL handling introduced in 1.5.

Bugs Fixed

  • #1727 A fix for certain relative urls getting broken.
  • [1435] Fix for make release script to create merged lang directory

New Features

  • [1434] Make stylist only show the panel when there are styles to be chosen.

Xinha 1.5 "A Long Time Coming"

A long time passed between the release of 0.96.1 and 1.5, during this time Xinha was in daily reliable use, especially by users of Chrome and other "good" browsers, perhaps not so much IE. In early 2018 James Sleeman (gogo) got inspired in a few weeks of free time to do some updates to bring Xinha back to up to speed with all browsers, adding new features cleaning up old bugs, and generally making Xinha ready for it's next 5 or 10 years of reliable service to come.

Bugs Fixed

  • #1595 suhoshin caused issues with MootoolsFileManager
  • #1619 dTree's Node object conflicting with DOM
  • [1332] iPhone/iPad Fixes
  • [1332] Stylist startup reliablility fix
  • [1336] Fix for a console warning in Chrome
  • #1609 Rename the CSS plugin to CSSDropDowns to avoid the native CSS Object in Firefox
  • #1601 Fix status bar width
  • #1589 Fix crash in Equation plugin
  • #1568 Fix some 7 bit clean URLs with !TransformInnerHTML
  • #1520 Remove class attributes correctly when cleaning word
  • #1487 Prevent "Disco Fever" with multiple editors due to a race condition in some circumstances
  • #1480 Fix some oddities with InsertAnchor plugin
  • #1420 Remove the Save As button, this is not relevant any more.
  • #1245 Fix percent width and height in DOMwalk
  • #1361 Increase the z-Index for the "loading" message
  • [1360] Small fix for SmartReplace plugin
  • #1279 Change ereg to preg in SuperClean tidy php
  • [1367] Improve warnings (in the console) for deprecated plugins.
  • #1578 Fix ColorPicker scrolling and positioning
  • [1373] Fix padding of skin-less buttons in the toolbar.
  • #1358 Hide SmartReplace when in textmode
  • #1612 Fix list element creation in some circumstances in Gecko
  • #1422 Fix algorithm for determining selected font styles (implementational difference only)
  • #1484 Rewrite expandRelativeUrl to work properly
  • [1400] Repair Greek Translations
  • [1401] Repair Latvian Translations
  • [1413] Fix for the toolbar in IE10

New Features and Improvements

  • Add a new way of loading Xinha which is much easier, called XinhaEasy.js, this can also be used from a CDN type arrangement, even if you want to use PHP plugins (which are on your local server). See the examples and the NewbieGuide
  • [1332] New Plugin event onBeforeSubmitTextarea
  • #1602 Allow setting editor events after makeEditors and before startEditors
  • #1600 Improve scrolling when a new paragraph is entered
  • #1546 Add an onMouseUp event
  • #1391 Improve PreserveScripts plugin.
  • #1511 Improve SuperClean plugin
  • #1476 Improve ContextMenu when using native browser spell checking
  • #1432 Support title attribute in the Linker plugin
  • #1343 Add some Turkish translations
  • #1489 Add some Portuguese Brazilian translations
  • #1163 Add editing support for th in TableOperations
  • [1366] Add a .htaccess to unsupported_plugins to restrict access to possible security threatening plugins to approved IP addresses.
  • [1371] Update MootoolsFileManager to no longer require Flash (uses HTML5 uploading) amongst some other small improvements.
  • [1378] Improve handling of tab key, add configuration tabSpanClass and tabSpanContents
  • #1617 Implement tab/shift-tab for TableOperations
  • #1163 Allow changing table cells between td/th in TableOperations
  • #1550 Make some features of TableOperations less confusing and improve border styling.
  • [1394] Rewrite key event handling to make key events more standardised (#1393)
  • [1397] Improve the undo/redo by also remembering the caret position and restoring that on undo/redo (#360)
  • #1135 Update SuperClean to incorporate UnFormat functionality
  • [1402] Rebuild the translation system and language files entirely. See
  • [1403] Use merged translation files by default
  • [1418] Add configuration option resizableEditor which allows drag-resize. Works in Chrome, not that well in the others.
  • [1421] Reduce the "pinging" to load plugins by utilising a Plugin Manifest so Xinha knows what plugins it has in it's distribution. This also makes using Xinha from an Amazon S3 served environment possible.
  • [1423] Improve lock-down of the contrib folder, accessing this folder from a web browser is not necessary or desirable.

New Plugins

  • WebKitResize Provides drag-resize for images, tables and table cells in WebKit Browsers, also for tables and cells in Gecko Browsers.
  • EncodeOutput Provides ability to encode the generated HTML of Xinha in some manners before submitting it to the server, for example to avoid mod_security issues.
  • ListOperations Provides tab/shift-tab functionality when editing lists ( #1614 )
  • FancySelects Provides "fancy" selects for the font style etc which show the font in use. Uses the select2 jQuery component behind the scenes (jQuery is loaded automatically if necessary).
  • PreserveSelection Allows selected text in the WYSIWYG view to also be selected when you switch to textmode (#1544)

Deprecated Plugins

Xinha 1.0

Xinha 1.0 was never actually released, it was just the stable but "Unreleased Trunk" between 0.96.1 released in 2010 and 1.5 released in 2018.


Bugs Fixed

  • #1581 #1524 #1577 IE Fixes (especially IE9)
  • [1313] Fixes to InsertTable?, DOMWalk, Stylist and PasteText?
  • #1298 CSS Styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing source
  • [1301] Remoive old charactermap popup (disused)
  • #1528 Dutch LangMarks? translation fix
  • #1534 Allow "fullscreen" as toolbar element.
  • #1525 Extend freezescript to apply to plain script tags
  • #1526 Hide media objects behind div-type dialogs
  • Updates to MootoolsFileManager?
  • #1532 Fix indexOf implementation (for IE)
  • #1553 Fix editor._createLink method and ability to double-click on links to edit them
  • #1556 Fix editor._insertTable method
  • #1559 DefinitionList? plugin's <dl> button throws a JS error if the cursor context is the <body> element
  • #1555 Mark DoubleClick? plugin as unsupported, since its functionality is now in core (config.dblclickList, as of 0.96.1 release)
  • #1561 Move DefinitionList? plugin's toolbar buttons near the standard orderedlist and unorderedlist buttons
  • #1560 If TableOperations? is installed, you can now double-click on tables to edit their properties
  • #1557 Russian translation for DefinitionList?
  • #1538 Add a configuration option for TableOperations? to prevent it from trying to add a linebreak to the toolbar
  • #1545 Fix typo in UnFormat? plugin
  • #1530 Fix a DefinitionList?? syntax error and jslint warnings
  • Improve some documentation of configuration options (#1536, #1537)
  • #1534 Allow the use of "fullscreen" as a toolbar element, as an alternative to "popupeditor"

Xinha 0.96.1

Bugs Fixed

  • #1425 [SmartReplace?][Gecko] When inserting opening quote, the space before the cursor is deleted
  • #1429 Problems with Apache and HEAD requests...
  • #1478 Further important security precautions for ExtendedFileManager? and ImageManager?
  • #1478 Hide all dotfiles from the Linker scanner, the linker shouldn't be showing "hidden" files.
  • #1478 CSS fix to dTree in linker, just to make sure it's styles were not getting clobbered.
  • #1478 Stop the Stylist from possibly adding a duplicate stylesheet into pageStyleSheets, this was creating a subtle problem in certain circumstances.
  • #1227 Improved handling of CSS imports in Stylist plugin.
  • #1448 a[] is undefined
  • #1387 prevent crash in IE
  • #1198 Fix for bad sizing of editor.
  • #1121 Disable tab in Internet Explorer because it exits the Xinha area.
  • #472 Disable InsertPicture?
  • #579 Pass value to dropdown handlers.
  • #1472 _top not respected in editing link.
  • #1467 autofocus=false not working as expected.
  • #1461 Special characters in image make thumbnail not appear.
  • #1435 IE failed in TransformInnerHTML
  • #1232 Clickable icons on ExtendedFileManager?
  • #1409 Image Properties broken in ContextMenu?
  • #1419 Stylist display problem in IE6/7, HasLayout? bug.
  • #1262 Alternative method for restoring from fullscreen mode.
  • #1388 Change &mdash; to &8212; for xml compatability.
  • #1093, #1377 Rewrite the InsertSmiley? plugin. Remains compatible with ray's changes in r904 if people have made a specific configuration.
  • #1282 Opera losing it's events when designMode turned on causing status bar to not update amongst other things.
  • r1228 Remove PersistantStorage? from Newbie example, because it not actually usable atm
  • r1229 Fix firefox version detection.
  • r1230 avoid unecessary pollution of global namespace
  • r1232 Removed CC license from Tango iconset, as it seems not appropriate
  • r1232 Changed HtmlEntities? plugin license to HTMLArea
  • #1488 Fix Control Selection in IE8
  • r1235 Change license to HTMLArea - see
  • #1497 TransformInnerHtml? handling of object tag
  • #1498 Color picker display in new dialogs in IE6
  • #1499 Fix focus errors in new dialogs in IE
  • #1503 xinha_to_js did not handle booleans correctly
  • #1509 Prevent attempting to compress REs in Safari 4
  • #1515 Security patch to prevent rogue access to the compressors in contrib.
  • #1518 Security patch which prevents non-default keys in xinha_pass_to_php_backend.
  • #1518 Issue an error and ignore the special backend configuration when the key location is non default, for both the ImageManager? and ExtendedFileManager? deprecated config passing methods.
  • #1209 and #1182 Upgrade Equation to use new AsciiMath?, fix multiple equation editing. Thanks to Niraj Bhawnani of University of New South Wales.
  • #1483 Fix cancel button in Equation editor.
  • #1485 Add a double-click handler which will bring up the link/image insertion dialogs (or ImageManager/Linker?) when a link or image is double clicked.
  • #1492 Fix linker in some situations.
  • #1471, #1508, #1510 Fix IE8 problems with TableOperations? and other buttons, and absolute positioned editing.

New Features

  • r1189 added toolbar config to Newbie example
  • #1478 Add new method Xinha.extend to provide more classical object oriented subclasses within Javascript.
  • #1478 Add new method Xinha.Dialog::setLocalizer() to more easily set a specific localizer for a dialog.
  • #1478 File-Picker on arbitrary fields outside Xinha (ExtendedFileManager?)
  • #1478 Add config option to use HSpace and VSpace in ImageManager? (default off)
  • #1478 Add YouTube? and Flickr support to ImageManager? so that videos and Flickr images can be searched and selected in the ImageManager?.
  • #1478 Add a new dialog type "DetachedDialog?" to help leverage Xinha plugins to perform tasks outside of Xinha, and an example of a simple dialog for those who wish to make their own.
  • #1478 Link-Picker on arbitrary fields outside Xinha (Linker)
  • #1478 New Plugin: WysiwygWrap? - combined with an appropriate pageStyleSheet(s) you can more easily simulate in Xinha what it will "look like" when that HTML is "published".
  • #1446 Provide a means for adding custom hooks into the ContextMenu? plugin.
  • #1220 Add ability to pass extra arguments in the post to the backend handler for SuperClean?.
  • #1465 Add an option resize_files to both ExtendedFileManager? and ImageManager?, defaults true, false turns off the automatic image resizing.
  • #1189 Add the xml:lang attribute to LangMarks? plugin. The configuration for this plugin has changed, old configurations are accepted with a warning to the console.
  • #1433 Add a SaveOnBlur? plugin, authored by Peter Siewert (with a clean up by James Sleeman).
  • #1479 Add CSSPicker plugin.
  • #1205 Add allow_delete and allow_edit to ImageManager?
  • #1205 Add allow_delete to ExtendedFileManager?
  • #1496 Make dialog title bar logo skinable
  • r1243 Added a method to allow plugins to easily load assets synchronously (for dependancies).
  • #1502 Add new plugin MootoolsFileManager? - an advanced image and file uploader/picker/inserter with multi-file-upload, progress bars, and previews.
  • #1507 Config option to show fonts in toolbar using actual fonts.


Xinha 0.96beta2

Bugs Fixed

  • #1376 [IE6 & IE7 Quirksmode] Dialogs are invisible
  • #1381 [IE] QuirksMode? dialog background rendered in wrong position when panel is detached
  • #1383 [IE7] Secure and Nonsecure Warning
  • #1382 [IE] QuirksMode? dialog background falsely non-grey with modal dialogs, grey when dragging modeless dialogs
  • #1389 [IE6] selection lost when clicking toolbar button
  • #1386 [Safari] Setting default checkbox settings in dialogs does not work
  • #1394 fullpage puts metas/ title all on the same line
  • #1390 PreserveScripts? shorthand php tags
  • #1392 too much recursion when setting HTML in fullPage mode using onGenerate/onGenerateOnce
  • #1407 [IE8] window resize causes infinite loop
  • #1408 PHP5 IIS file upload problem
  • #1374 [IE8] Table insert not work
  • #1379 [Firefox] no longer corrupts image data from broken images


Xinha 0.96beta

Bugs Fixed

  • #314 Status bar should wrap
  • #741 ContextMenu? should not overflow window boundaries
  • #961 baseHref not correctly treated when stripping
  • #1160 Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited
  • #1166 TableOperations? dialogs do not resize properly in Safari 3
  • #1173 IE8 beta toolbars broken
  • #1174 IE8 beta no text cursor in wysiwyg
  • #1187 ExtendedFileManager? "imgManager.changeDir is not a function" error
  • #1193 Stylist bug when formatting selected text
  • #1213 Would be nice to protect unsaved changes from accidental loss when navigating away
  • #1221 Selecting heading normal on nothing throws exception alert
  • #1224 sevenbitclean? / ghost cursor error with html mode toggle (Firefox)
  • #1227 No CSS rules load when using @import in external stylesheet
  • #1230 CSS width attribute breaks select display in IE
  • #1240 Linker: trim spaces from URL
  • #1247 CharCounter? problems with Silva skin
  • #1257 Error if url query string included '/'
  • #1258 Event object is not handed over to event handlers installed on textarea
  • #1261 Dutch translation for Fullscreen module
  • #1280 restoreSelection doesn't always work in internet explorer
  • #1281 selectNodeContents is borken in IE when the node is a text node
  • #1284 _editor_url is still used in a couple of plugins.
  • #1286 use callbacks as criteria for getFirstAncestor
  • #1288 [DefinitionList?] list items restricted to small width and one line by CSS
  • #1290 Improved support for pasting from Microsoft Word
  • #1291 Xinha.removeFromParent() does not return correct reference
  • #1292 change naming scheme of plugin files
  • #1293 [Gecko] Window scrolls to top of editing area when switching from text to WYSIWYG
  • #1294 Editor higher in HTML mode
  • #1295 Textarea not aligned under toolbar
  • #1298 CSS styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing source (Safari only)
  • #1300 create namespace for plugins within Xinha namespace
  • #1301 loading should not fail if plugin omits _pluginInfo
  • #1302 add Array.prototype.forEach for Browser that doesn't support it
  • #1303 add getElementsByClassName()
  • #1306 Toolbar actions need access to the click event
  • #1309 Xinha chokes on anchors
  • #1315 Xinha's _addEvent uses event capturing
  • #1316 In InternetExplorer?, the cursor is lost when switching into source mode
  • #1317 Xinha's postback and getback should allow for failure handlers
  • #1319 make event hooks like onKeyPress accesible from the config object
  • #1320 make it possible to use png images as icons in IE6
  • #1321 [SaveSubmit?] icon is in "changed" state initially
  • #1322 [SaveSubmit?] error when form action is empty
  • #1332 Panel classes are very generic, and risk conflict with users embedding it in their site
  • #1337 GetHTML truncates hyperlinks
  • #1346 statusbar shows b, i, strike instead of strong, em, and del
  • #1357 safari form submit has empty form field names in POST data, causes failure with perl CGI


  • #1176 Completely revamped dialog system, which uses inline lightbox-style dialogs instead of separate popup windows
  • #326 Added support for customizable icon sets
  • #1318 Added icon set from the Tango Project
  • #1287 New InsertNote? plugin for handling footnotes, with automatic note numbering and ordering, linking, and support for repeated references
  • #1289 New InsertSnippet2 plugin, with categorization of snippets, search by name, and an XML data format
  • #58 Additional settings for Linker plugin (link types and targets can be configured)
  • #1219 Configuration option to autofocus editor
  • #1285 Configuration option to set document body class
  • #1323 Allow skins to have meta information (author, etc.)
  • #1338 _editor_url is now automatically detected
  • #1345 Add a static function that saves the contents of all Xinhas to their respective textareas

Xinha 0.95

Bugs Fixed

  • fixed #1040 htmlRemoveTags doesn't work in IE
  • fixed #645 IE Save as function only saves the original html
  • fixed #1136 FF3 Linux select boxes in toolbar are too small
  • fixed #1100 Extended File Manager - Error after opening window
  • fixed #1103 [TransformInnerHTML] IE breaks singlet attributes starting with "no"
  • fixed #1086 Repeated javascript insertion in onclick attributes
  • fixed #1094 IE throws error in Xinha.loadStyle function
  • fixed #1117 IE returns javascript error -1072896658
  • fixed #993 PageStyle? to override styles in PageStylesheets?
  • #1112 switching between modes leaves strange characters in source
  • fixed #1128 loading fails when Fullscreen tried to load as plugin
  • fixed #1126 Percent (%) in URL prevent stripSelfNamedAnchors from working
  • fixed #1120 HTML select overlaps color picker in IE6
  • #1115 + #1127 fixed compatibility issues with Firefox 3
  • #961 + #1130 changed behaviour of xinha_config.baseHref
  • fixed #645 Save as function only saves the original html
  • fixed #1040 htmlRemoveTags doesn't work in IE
  • fixed #1015 Mozilla shows scrollbars on click in Stylist
  • #918 removed mozParaHandler dirty as it had been broken for a long time
  • fixed #1015 Mozilla shows scrollbars on click in Stylist
  • fixed #1148 HTML entities break when cursor is inside when switching from HTML to WYSIWYG
  • fixed #1151 form action always made absolute
  • fixed #1155 InsertAnchor? broken in IE 7
  • fixed #1158 [ImageManager?] in Japanese environment, an error occurs by reading of lang/ja.js in IE6/7
  • fixed #1152 Plugins using surroundHTML (EditTag?, LangMarks?) no longer work in IE7
  • fixed #1161 permission error from ColorPicker?.js
  • fixed #1181 [TableOperations?] Table Options dialog first entry for border style faulty
  • fixed #1185 [TableOperations?] IE: style float broken
  • fixed #1197 [Linker] IE shows bug in line 262
  • fixed #1200 [Linker] Dialog does not show if scanned folder empty


  • #1143 add Safari support
  • #938 add Opera support
  • #1138 added API functions Xinha.getEditor(), Xinha.prototype.getPluginInstance(), Xinha.addOnloadHandler()
  • #1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor
  • #1150 synchronize "Remove Format" between browsers
  • added plugin PreserveScripts? for enhanced editing of pages containing PHP and/or JavaScript? ()
  • Loading message facelift
  • added XinhaLoader?.js for enhanced user experience through early loading message
  • made Xinha.makeEditors accept a DOM reference to the textarea instead of the id as part of xinha_editors array (#1105)
  • #1123 Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend
  • [Linker] scan.php: Allow specification of base url to use (so that a subdirectory can be used as $dir and return appropriate urls to the files (prefixing the url
  • [ExtendedFileManager?] new Version
  • #961 + #1130 changed behaviour of xinha_config.baseHref
  • #1137 [Equation] improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor
  • #442 removed alert "Your Document is not well formed..."
  • #1119 disabled Firefox 2 spell check when ContextMenu? is enabled
  • added a plugin "GenericPlugin?" as a democase for plugin event handlers
  • #1171 [SmartReplace?] now also replaces three dots with an ellipsis
  • #1119 [ContextMenu?] optionally switch of Firefox Spell check
  • #1172 [LangMarks?] make available languages configurable
  • enhanced behaviour when xinha_config.baseHref is set to another server
  • #1195 Allow to specify an external url to load a plugin from
  • #1201 Add inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions to Config object


Xinha 0.94

  • Ticket #1093 [InsertSmiley?] remove smiley gifs from trunk
  • fixed Ticket #1019 Cusor not jumping to editable part of window when clicked in IE
  • [TableOperations?] Add config option to not dispaly toolbar buttons
  • fixed Ticket #1021 Prevent ExtendedFileManager? from masking ImageManager?
  • fixed Ticket #1023 [ImageManager?] Add config item to allow the advanced image options to be hidden from the user
  • fixed Ticket #1026 fix problems with loading skins
  • fixed Tickets #1030 & #1031: slow loading large pages in IE
  • fixed Ticket #1034 [ExtendedFileManager?] Color pickers shown when use_color_pickers is false
  • fixed Ticket #1035 [TransformInnerHTML] tags corruptedunder certain circumstances
  • fixed Ticket #1036 [ExtendedFileManager?] window is only resized after all thumbnails have benn loaded, which can take quite some time
  • fixed Ticket #1039 Firefox full page adds multiple paragraphs after view source
  • fixed Ticket #1019 Cusor not jumping to editable part of window when clicked in IE7
  • fixed Ticket #1046 Error in IE 6 when switching from text to wysiwyg
  • [DOMwalk] linebreaks inserted before <br />s
  • catch error in IE when trying to restore selection on non-displayed area
  • fixed Ticket #973 Error switching wysiwyg/html including javascript file on the code
  • fixed Ticket #1028 - [Linker] automatically (attempt to) work around an issue with mod_security being triggered because of the charset on our POST requests
  • fixed Ticket #1055 [Stylist] Inappropriate styles (for other tags) are shown
  • added Dutch language files
  • added new hook 'onBeforeSubmit' for firePluginEvent()
  • added new hook 'onBeforeUnload' for firePluginEvent()
  • fixed Ticket #1048 Full Screen plugin doesn't load if many editors on page
  • fixed Ticket #1053 ListType? plugin doesn't work in panel config with multiple editors
  • fixed Ticket #1026 Skins referenced with <link>-tags don't work anymore
  • fixed Ticket #1059 [Equation] loosing formula onsubmit
  • fixed Ticket #1060 [Equation] various updates
  • [Equation] preserve formula on reload in Mozilla
  • [Equation] updated ASCIIMathML.js
  • [Skin:silva] padding and border on textarea make the textmode too wide
  • fixed Ticket#1001 Editor loads a bunch of null urls in ie
  • fixed Ticket #1068 [TranformInnerHTML] newlines added after </script>
  • fixed Ticket#1069 Editor document URL prefixed to any href that only consists of URL parameters
  • added Thai translation for core
  • added complete Portuguese Brazilian translation
  • updated lc_parse script
  • fixed Ticket #1071 [ExtendedFileManager?] external image URL image inserted with width/height 0, amking it invisible
  • fixed Ticket #1074 [SuperClean?] throws warnings in PHP 5
  • fixed Ticket #1079 [DynamicCSS] lists Xinha internal CSS
  • fixed Ticket #1080 Some plugins leave behind stylesheet links in fullpage mode
  • fixed Ticket #1083 Convert URLs to links - Error
  • fixed Ticket #1084 URL auto-linking (Gecko): URLs with user:password@domain.tld falsely recognized as email address
  • fixed Ticket #1085 URL auto-linking (Gecko): IP numbers don't work
  • fixed Ticket #1081 Control character is not being removed inside SCRIPT tags or HEAD when switching from textmode to htmlmode
  • fixed Ticket #1078 [InsertImage?] spacing attributes: inconsistent behaviour when editing image
  • fixed Ticket #1089 [Color Picker] Localize OK Label
  • fixed Ticket #1091 [SaveSubmit?] does not correctly submit value of checkboxes and radio buttons

Xinha 0.93

  • fixed Ticket #967 Font Color Picker stops working after using one of ImageManager?, ExtendedFileManager?, FullPage?, or HorizontalRule?
  • fixed Ticket #965 When switching between Xinhas in the same page, in textmode toolbar stays disabled
  • fixwd Ticket #963 DOMwalk IE: head tag attributes without quotes and closing slash
  • Ticket #962 DOMwalk Mozilla: improved source indentation
  • fixed Ticket #957 If item in in xinha_editors is not a textarea: skip gracefully
  • fixed Ticket #900: catch an fatal error that occured sometimes when switching between modes in fullpage mode in Mozilla
  • fixed Ticket #969 DOMwalk Gecko: line breaks rendered as <br>s inside <pre> blocks
  • fixed Ticket #976 Loading message misplaced in IE7
  • fixed Ticket #977 TableOperations? toolbar off-place in ext_example.html
  • fixed Ticket #978 defining a padding for <td>s in global css affects Xinha framework
  • Ticket #979 improve checking for non-supported browsers
  • fixed Ticket #934 SuperClean? plugin returns just quotation when executed on localhost
  • Ticket #929 Save changes on page unload fixed for Mozilla
  • fixed Ticket #980 ImageManager? color format bug
  • fixed Ticket #981 No doctype in iframe content document/ editor always in quirks mode
  • fixed Ticket #543 Stylist Panel overflow broken
  • Ticket #983 added id for iframe
  • fixed Ticket #984 ExtendedFileManager produces php warning
  • optimized icon file size
  • fixed JavaScript error in ImageManager/ExtendedFileManager image editor
  • Ticket #908* Prompts broken in IE7: fixed for EFM, ImageManager & TableOperations
  • Fixes for TableOperations?, tickets #82, #908*, #912 and #947
  • fixed Ticket #998* whitespace added before and/or after content (in non-fullpage mode)
  • fixed slow unloading in Mozilla
  • Fix focus problem when switching from html to wysiwyg in Gecko. See ticket #900.
  • fixed toolbar floating issue
  • fixed #1003 HTML length limited to 1024 characters with plugin CharCounter?
  • Ticket #1000 new public methods for getting/setting editor content
  • fixed #735 - IE eating scripts and comments at the beginning of pages.
  • Added new config variables to set iframe width if less than editor width (ticket:322) and set alignment of toolbar buttons.
  • added Basque translation for XinhaCore?
  • prevent an error if server is set to parse .js files as PHP
  • Ticket #127 plugin HtmlEntities?: Entities.js file corrupt

Xinha 0.92beta

  • fixed Ticket #831 stop empty anchors from being removed
  • Make htmlarea.js just load XinhaCore?.js instead of being a copy of it.
  • fixed Ticket #445 Toggle TableBorder? doesn't work if this.fullpage=true or using FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #551 shape and coord attributes of area element are ignored by IE
  • fixed Ticket #650 SpellChecker? is not compatible with FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #816 CharacterMap? and ListType? panel modes make editor jump to top in IE
  • fixed Ticket #570 change behaviour of justify when an image is selected to make the image float left/right, click the justify button again to undo it
  • fixed Ticket #891 noscript content got escaped
  • fixed Ticket #857 Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place.
  • fixed Ticket #841 Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha.
  • fixed Ticket #914 All buttons stay grey & this.getParentElement is not a function message when not calling Xinha.loadPlugins() in xinha_init function
  • fixed Ticket #911 Background color does not work in Firefox
  • fixed Ticket #912 an error is thrown in Mozilla when clicking merge cells button and fewer than 2 cells are selected
  • fixed Ticket #816 CharacterMap? and ListType? panel modes make editor jump to top in IE
  • fixed Ticket #917 getHTMLWrapper in IE renders attributes like _stylist_usedtobe="[object Object]"
  • fixed Ticket #556 stripBaseHref didn't work without baseHref defined explicitly.
  • Update InsertPicture? plugin Update
  • fixed Ticket #921 EFM extended file manager - iframe height problem (IE)
  • Ticket #923 colorPicker face lift & localisation
  • fixed Ticket #924 EFM + ImageManager? re-transforming of url to original image after automatic resize broken
  • Ticket #900- retain editing position position between modes
  • fixed Ticket #928 ImageManager? fails if (another) Files.php exists in include path
  • fixed Ticket #935 EFM demo_images php upload allowed: possible security risk
  • Ticket #939 Japanese langage support
  • fixed Ticket #3 Horizontal Rule Selection
  • Plugin ExtendedFileManager?: added doc to allowed upload extensions
  • Plugin PasteText? update
  • Plugin HtmlEntities?: default preset iso-8859-1
  • fixed Ticket #948 IE: inline styles are not rendered by DOMwalk getHTML()
  • Plugin HorizontalRule? update
  • Plugin SaveSubmit? update
  • Plugin Linker update
  • fixed Ticket #823 editor contents was not submitted when using JavaScript? form.submit() without prior form.onsubmit()
  • fixed Ticket #459 all body attributes removed in full page mode in FireFox?
  • _editor_url is now converted to absolute if it is relative.
  • fixed Ticket #594 IE: insertHTML() inserts HTML outside editor when editor is not focussed
  • Ticket #954 FullScreen? mode can now be called programmatically or on startup with or without button
  • fixed Ticket #321 FullScreen? : select elements show through in IE6
  • fixed Ticket #953 Statusbar has ugly white gap at the bottom when switching back from full screen in IE
  • fixed Ticket #952 FullScreen?: scrollbars don't disappear in IE in QuirksMode?
  • fixed Ticket #603 Popop Dialog Height problems
  • fixed Ticket #955 DOMwalk getHTML outputs empty attribute with value "true" instead of attribute name and some are skipped at all

Xinha 0.91beta

  • changed namespace from HTMLArea to Xinha
  • the core file is now named XinhaCore?.js instead of htmlarea.js, please change your pages accordingly (the htmlarea.js will be removed!)
  • the color picker script is now loaded on demand to reduce initial loading time

Xinha 0.9beta

This equals Xinha revision 635 of Jan 11 2007

  • All JavaScript? files over 2kb have been compressed using the dojo JavaScript? compressor
  • All gifs have been optimized using Trout's GIF Optimizer version 2.3