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     1= News Archive = 
     3'''18-Oct-07'''[[br]]New release to be downloaded here: 
     4[[BR]][wiki:DownloadsPage Xinha Download] 
     6'''03-May-07'''[[br]]New release to be downloaded here: 
     7[[BR]][wiki:DownloadsPage Xinha Download] 
     9'''16-Feb-07'''[[br]]We're pleased to announce that the loads of bugfixes, updates, and improvements 
     10accumulated during the last month now found their way into a '''new beta-release''' of Xinha! 
     11[[BR]][wiki:DownloadsPage Download it here] 
     13'''12-Jan-07'''[[br]]New release with an incisive change [[BR]][wiki:DownloadsPage Download it here] 
     15'''11-Jan-07'''[[br]]Xinha has now a first release! [[BR]][wiki:DownloadsPage Download it here] 
     17'''1-May-06'''[[br]]Xinha now has a logo, go ahead and grab it.[[br]][wiki:Logo Read more...]. 
     19'''5-Nov-05'''[[br]]Time for another long overdue update.  Lots of work is going into Xinha, many bugs fixed, improvements made, patches applied, translations updated and a lot of plugins added.  We have several developers putting in great work, and still others helping out answering questions and solving problems in the forums with nothing less than fanatical dedication.   
     21There is still quite a list of stuff to be done before V1.0 can be released, but only because I keep adding to the list.  Xinha is for the most part "stable" in it's current state, lots of people are using it in production systems.  I recommend using your favorite SVN client to do a checkout and keep yourself up to date. 
     23If you're wanting to help we can always use your patches.  Email if you know a bit of javascript and are keen to help, if you're nice you'll even get subversion write access. 
     28James Sleeman ("gogo")