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Download Xinha

Nightly Package

The bleeding edge of Xinha is available as a nightly zip file. It might have new features, it might also be broken.

Stable Package

We do not currently have a "stable" release package, the nightly is generally fine for public consumption though - of course, test it yourself before using it in production!

SVN Checkout

The SVN repository is open for public read. Simply point your preferred SVN client to

for example, using the command line SVN client

~$ svn co xinha

Note: the Subversion repository has been moved from it's original home over to, as a result anybody with working copies checked out will need to "switch" the working copy. Using the command line client...

svn switch --relocate svn://

Note that the protocol has changed to svn://, the host name has changed, and the repository has been moved into the root (i.e /trunk instead of /repository/trunk). Once you have switched it's life as normal.

Old Versions

Old versions are not available pre-packaged, but you can easily grab them from the Subversion Repository. Released versions will be tagged in repository/tags, eg

~$ svn co