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The WebKit based (or similar) browsers, including Chrome (and Edge) don't support drag-to-size images or tables, which is a pain.

This plugin implements the EditorBoost? jQuery resizing plugin

jQuery is required, naturally, if it's not already loaded then we will load our own version, so ensure you load your version first if you need a newer one (then this might break, but oh well).


See the NewbieGuide for how to set configuration values in general, the below configuration options are available for this plugin.

You can also specify to enable the TD and TABLE resizing for Gecko (Firefox, and IE11 predominatly) as these also don't have support for sizing those (but can size images)., this is enabled by default, you can disable with...

xinha_config.WebKitResize.enableTDForGeckoAlso = false; xinha_config.WebKitResize.enableTABLEForGeckoAlso = false;


This only works acceptably in either:

Standards Mode (eg Doctype <!DOCTYPE html> ) Quirks Mode (eg no doctype )

it does not work great in "Almost Standards Mode" because scrolling throws the resize border out of place, ,that's ok if you don't need to scroll, either because your text is small, or you are in FullScreen? mode or something, but anyway.