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The Linker plugin provides an enhanced link dialog for inserting/modifing links to files, mailto: links to email addresses, or links to anchors in the current page. The plugin when registered with an editor replaces the editors default createlink button.

Linker plugin displays a Tree where the user can select the file he wants to link. Currently there are three methods for filling this tree:

1. using the provided backend scanner

By default Linker provides a tree listing files under the xinha directory itself, not that useful generally so if you wish to control scan.php it can be configured similarly to ImageManager ...

          'dir' => '/path/to/base/dir',
          'include' => '/\.(php|shtml|html|htm|shtm|cgi|txt|doc|pdf|rtf|xls|csv)$/',  // REGEXP or empty
          'exclude' => '', // REGEXP or empty
          'dirinclude' => '', // REGEXP  or empty
          'direxclude' => '/(^|\/)[._]|htmlarea/' // REGEXP or empty

2. Write your own scan.php

xinha_config.Linker.backend = '/url/to/your/scan.php';

scan.php should return code like this one:

// <<node-list>> = [ <<node>, <<node>>, ...]  
// <<node>> = one of the following four types
// 1. "a.html" -- URL without children or title
// 2. ["a.html", <<node-list>>] -- URL without title but with children
// 3. {url:"a.html",title:"A URL"} -- URL with title
// 4. {url:"a.html",title:"A File",children:<<node-list>>} -- URL with title, and children
  ['f.html', ['g.html','h.html']], 
  {url:'i.html',title:'I Html'},   
  {url:'j.html',title:'J Html', children:[{url:'k.html',name:"K Html"},'l.html',['m.html',['n.html']]]} 

Type 3 and 4 nodes would be the preference, I'd go so far as to deprecate type 1 and 2.

3. using configuration-variables

xinha_config.Linker.backend = null;
xinha_config.Linker.files = [
                               ['f.html', ['g.html','h.html']], 
                               {url:'i.html',title:'I Html'},   
                               {url:'j.html',title:'J Html', children:[{url:'k.html',name:"K Html"},'l.html',['m.html',['n.html']]]} 

This plugin incorporates the dTree javascript tree widget by Geir Landr. dTree has been slightly modified to improve performance.

The Linker plugin was developed by James Sleeman.

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