Plugin: CSSDropDowns

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Inserts one or more drop down menus into the Xinha toolbar allowing to select CSS classes which will be applied to selected text wrapped in a span.


See the NewbieGuide for how to set configuration values in general, the below configuration options are available for this plugin.

You can use this plugin without configuration and two default drop downs will be shown as an example, however more usefully you can specify a configuration such as....

xinha_config.cssPluginConfig =
    combos : [
      { label: "My Drop Down",
        options: { "Drop Down Label 1"           : "css-class-to-apply",
                   "Drop Down Label 2"           : "css-class-to-apply"                   
      { label: "My Other Drop Down",
        options: {  "Drop Down Label 3"           : "css-class-to-apply",
                    "Drop Down Label 4"           : "css-class-to-apply"
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