Customising Xinha

Whether you want to add a button to your toolbar, change the width of the X-Area, or remove the status bar, this is the section that tells you how to do it.

There is almost always more than just one way of doing things, and where possible alternatives will be described too.

The recommended way of customising Xinha is to either create a new file which contains your config changes or to make them on the page containing the <textarea> itself, rather than opening up XinhaCore.js and making changes directly there. This is because when bugs are corrected and new features implemented, the release will include new versions of files such as XinhaCore.js and your changes will be lost when you upgrade.

For the purpose of this documentation we will say the config changes are either in a file called "my_config.js" or included in the page directly (preferably in the <head></head> section) as shown in the NewbieGuide - either way is fine. We will also assume that you have the basic code in place as shown in the NewbieGuide - that is, the code commented with the STEPS 1 - 5 as it will sometimes matter where your new config options are placed.


Getting Started - STEPS 1 - 5 described

Complete list of variables

Fonts and Stylesheets



Status Bar




Width and Height

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