08:50 Ticket #1524 (Mootoolsfilemanager not working in ie8) created by guest
Inserting an image, changing image properties and the resizing at preview …


14:31 Ticket #1523 (Dynamically create textarea and then init Xinha to it) created by guest
Desktop-like apps work with windows that can be created after app has …
01:31 Ticket #1522 (blank space above when creating a table) created by guest
On creating a table, Xinha creates a blank whitespace just right above the …


00:29 Ticket #1521 (Css not correctly applicated) closed by gogo
cantfix: Browser behaviour.


14:39 Ticket #1521 (Css not correctly applicated) created by guest
Using this css rule for <A> tags : a.type_orange { color: #FF6600; …
07:53 Ticket #1520 (Error in WordClean - clearClass) created by guest
in function clearClass the line node.removeAttribute("...") contains the …


23:52 Ticket #1519 (White-List acceptable tags instead of back-list) closed by gogo
wontfix: It makes ZERO sense to have a whitelist or blacklist in Xinha itself. The …
20:14 Ticket #1519 (White-List acceptable tags instead of back-list) created by guest
Is there a white-list of acceptable HTML tags? – If not this means that …


22:17 ReleaseNotes edited by gogo
22:16 Changeset [1265] by gogo
Add a script to make the release archives.
22:14 Changeset [1264] by gogo
Tagging 0.96.1
22:12 WikiStart edited by gogo
22:09 DownloadsPage edited by gogo
21:40 Changeset [1263] by gogo
Other browsers didn't like the IE fix, and don't need it either.
13:26 WikiStart edited by gogo
13:22 WikiStart edited by gogo
13:07 DownloadsPage edited by gogo
13:07 DownloadsPage edited by gogo
13:05 DownloadsPage edited by gogo
12:44 ReleaseNotes edited by gogo
12:44 Changeset [1262] by gogo
Tagging 0.96 Release
12:40 Changeset [1261] by gogo
Release notes for 0.96
12:33 Ticket #1471 (Table Operations broken in IE8) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:1260 commits a hopefully better fix for this, the problem was …
12:31 Changeset [1260] by gogo
#1471 and #1508 Better fix for IE8 TableOperations (and others) and …
09:42 Ticket #1471 (Table Operations broken in IE8) reopened by gogo
The fix to #1508 (r1259) will have brought this issue back to light. …
06:24 Milestone 0.96 completed


13:35 Ticket #1510 (IE BUG in _getFirstAncestor() when selection empty) closed by gogo
duplicate: I strongly suspect this will be related to ticket:1508 owing to the …
13:19 Changeset [1259] by gogo
ticket:1508 Potential fix for cursor problems in absolute positioned div …
12:11 Ticket #1504 (IE destroys html in some special cases) closed by gogo
wontfix: Using (default) DOMWalk method for getHtmlMethod works correctly, it's …
11:59 Ticket #1500 (Strikethrough and bold formatting cannot be un-done after saving.) closed by gogo
worksforme: Seems OK here, IE8. Potentially this is a problem at your end if you are …
11:52 Ticket #1518 (Month of PHP Security - Serious Xinha Security Hole) closed by gogo
11:51 Ticket #1517 (New danish translation) closed by gogo
no action needed: ticket:1469 included a translation which I have committed in …
11:49 Ticket #1469 (Language update for danish) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:1258 commits this, thanks for the contribution. Please also see …
11:48 Changeset [1258] by gogo
ticket:1469 Updated danish translation.
11:37 Ticket #1313 (ES-Language contribution) closed by gogo
inactive: I think we are too far out of date on this now sorry, there's a lot of …
10:32 WikiStart edited by gogo
09:54 Ticket #1501 (ExtendedFileManager: Resize Image by uploading) closed by gogo
wontfix: See MootoolsFileManager? probably.
09:51 Ticket #1512 (Future request for Indic Languages) closed by gogo
09:49 Ticket #1515 (Security Issue - Corruption Potential) closed by gogo
09:48 Ticket #1354 (ExtendedFileManager Support for PHP custom session handler) closed by gogo
09:41 Ticket #1505 (Font resets in Firefox) closed by gogo
duplicate: This is a dupe of existing bug somewhere.
09:31 Ticket #1492 (Linker button sometimes does not work for different image paths) closed by gogo
fixed: Committed in changeset:1257 thanks for your contribution.
09:31 Changeset [1257] by gogo
ticket:1492 Fix linker in some situations.
09:26 Ticket #1491 (Multiple editors and "font color"," background color" popups) closed by gogo
worksforme: Works for me. Perhaps fixed in the current trunk?
09:22 Ticket #1485 (Add doubleclick funtionality to Xinha) closed by gogo
fixed: Committed changeset:1256
09:22 Changeset [1256] by gogo
Ticket:1485 Add a double-click handler which will bring up the link/image …
09:07 Ticket #1482 (Unable to handle more than one equation in editor) closed by gogo
09:06 Ticket #1483 (Equation plugin "Cancel" button does not work) closed by gogo
fixed: Thank you for your submission, this is committed in changeset:1255 [If …
09:06 Changeset [1255] by gogo
Ticket:1483 Fix cancel button in Equation editor.
09:03 Ticket #1209 (Equation Editor should be updated to use a newer version of asciimathml.js) closed by gogo
fixed: Thank you for your submission, this is committed in changeset:1254
09:03 Ticket #1182 (0.95RC2 Equation plugin problem) closed by gogo
fixed: Thank you for your submission, this is committed in changeset:1254
09:03 Changeset [1254] by gogo
Tickets #1209 and #1182 Upgrade Equation to use new AsciiMath?, fix …
08:51 Ticket #1452 (Customize forecolor and / or hilitecolor) closed by gogo
wontfix: Not possible. Patches welcome, but I think it's not really very useful, …
08:49 Ticket #1514 (Security Issue - Corruption Potential) closed by gogo
duplicate: Dup #1515
08:45 Ticket #1478 (Many changes introduced today (tracking ticket).) closed by gogo
08:41 Ticket #1464 (PHP's Strict Standards error using the ExtendedFileManager plugin) closed by gogo
duplicate: Won't fix, because adding static will break compat with older PHP. Maybe …
08:39 Ticket #1451 (Reload of "Insert Image" Dialog in Firefox corrupt) closed by gogo
cantfix: Don't do it.
08:37 Ticket #1450 (Option for dialog fading) closed by gogo
wontfix: Patches welcome.
08:37 Ticket #1449 (deprecated FONT tags) closed by gogo
wontfix: Xinha outputs well formed code, it does not conform to any particular …
08:35 Ticket #1445 (Pspell and Aspell) closed by gogo
wontfix: Patches welcome.
08:35 Ticket #1443 (<a..> tag at end of an article is not removed when it is deleted in the ...) closed by gogo
invalid: You deleted only the content of the anchor, not the anchor. Backspace …
08:34 Ticket #1442 (Cut paste issue) closed by gogo
08:33 Ticket #1441 (ColorPicker Positioning) closed by gogo
wontfix: Patches welcome.
08:30 Ticket #1438 (Xinha 0.95 inserts <tbody><br />) closed by gogo
worksforme: Not seeing this, perhaps it's fixed,.
08:11 Ticket #1417 (Dragging an image in Firefox changes the url from absolute to relative - ...) closed by gogo
invalid: Probably config issue, check baseHref and expandRelativeUrl
08:08 Ticket #1416 (plugins/ImageManager/Classes/Image_Editor.php E_STRICT) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1412
08:08 Ticket #1413 (plugins/ExtendedFileManager/Classes/ExtendedFileManager.php E_STRICT) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1412
08:04 Ticket #1415 (plugins/ImagaeManager/Classes/GD.php E_STRICT) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1412
08:00 Ticket #1414 (plugins/ImagaeManager/Classes/Transform.php E_STRICT) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1412
07:44 Ticket #1401 (created table loses formatting on preview) closed by gogo
worksforme: Can't duplicate this one. But refer #1226
07:40 Ticket #1399 (Browser difference in links created in extended file manager) closed by gogo
worksforme: My clients use EFM lots, and have no reports of this. Probably a …
07:26 Ticket #1366 (Compressing Xinha with yuicompressor-2.4.1.jar) closed by gogo
worksforme: We have yui compressor in contrib these days.
01:27 Changeset [1253] by gogo
Inverted the parameters for the last changeset.
01:17 Changeset [1252] by gogo
ticket:1518 Issue an error and ignore the special backend configuration …
01:07 Changeset [1251] by gogo
ticket:1518 Changeset requires that if a non default key location is used …
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