22:57 Changeset [1037] by nicholasbs
Applied AbbreviationPlugin?.patch from #1176 with some general code cleanup
19:20 Ticket #1278 (** Preparing for the 0.96 release **) created by nicholasbs
The roadmap lists the 0.96 release as being scheduled for November 11. I'd …
15:35 Changeset [1036] by nicholasbs
Fixes #1277 (editor does not regain focus after closing a dialog). Tested …


21:50 Ticket #1277 (Editor does not regain focus after canceling dialog) created by nicholasbs
To reproduce: 1. Start typing in Xinha 2. Click "Insert Image" (or …


17:03 Changeset [1035] by douglas
CHANGED Ticket #1276 first pass, provide interim support for collapsing to …
17:02 Ticket #1276 (selectNodeContents doesn't perform as advertised, collapsing doesn't work.) created by douglas
The selectNodeContents claims it supports a second argument, "pos" which …


18:24 WikiStart edited by ray
changed forum URLs to www.xinha.org (diff)


09:23 Ticket #1275 (How do I avoid display of entization in source code blocks) closed by ray
duplicate: please have a look at ticket #1203


19:53 Ticket #1275 (How do I avoid display of entization in source code blocks) created by guest
Currently, if I create a block <pre> 1 & 2 </pre> and then save it, the …
19:35 Ticket #1274 (onKeyPress not fired for special keys (e.g., backspace) in Safari 3.1) created by nicholasbs
At present, if a plugin wants to respond to key events for special keys by …


13:08 Ticket #1265 ([TransformInnerHTML] Patch for correct handling of definition lists (dl, ...) closed by ray
fixed: rev [1034]: OK, thanks
13:07 Changeset [1034] by ray
#1265 [TransformInnerHTML] Patch for correct handling of definition lists …


04:50 Ticket #1273 (IE 6/7 onFocus browser crash) created by guest
When using Xinha on page in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, other elements that …


12:49 Ticket #1272 (google chrome wrong popup size) created by guest
There are some layout issues under googles lates baby chrome. Issues: …


16:07 Ticket #1271 (xinha_config.width inconsistent in Safari and FF:Mac) created by guest
I'm able to get xinha_config.width to work fine in Safari 3.1.2. In FF:Mac …


08:38 Changeset [1033] by ray
syntax error in dutch language of DefinitionList? plugin


01:24 Ticket #1270 ([Confirmed] Can't select form elements in FF3) created by wymsy
You can no longer select a checkbox, radio button or select list in Xinha …
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