07:28 Ticket #1185 ([TableOperations] IE: style float broken) created by guest
In table properties, float not working in IE. For example, when select …


00:32 Ticket #1184 (Russian translations for PasteText and Stylist plugins) created by guest
See files in attach.


19:27 Ticket #1183 (Run Xinha no Visual Web Developer 2005) created by guest
Hi I am trying to work with the Xinha but it isn't working correctly. …


11:43 Ticket #1182 (0.95RC2 Equation plugin problem) created by guest
When inserting a math expression changes the previous math expression into …


08:38 Ticket #1181 ([TableOperations] Table Options dialog first entry for border style faulty) created by guest
Hello we found a bug in the TableOperations? Plugin. With IE7 the Cell …


22:09 Ticket #1180 (Typo on Xinha website) created by guest
This concerns the Xinha website home page: http://xinha.webfactional.com/
01:46 Ticket #1179 (minor html syntax changes) created by guest
I just imported xinha into eclipse and saw two little html issues, here's …


19:41 Ticket #1178 (Pop-up focus problem in Safari Mac) created by guest
The new proposed dialog method should stop this but...in Safari (not in …


09:39 Ticket #1119 ([ContextMenu] optionally switch of FIrefox Spell check) reopened by guest
could this be made optional, please? I, for example, love this inline …


16:54 Ticket #1177 (Is there a way to get Xinha version to other apps/scripts?) created by guest
This is just a suggestion for a feature I realized I was missing. To make …


14:37 Ticket #1176 (new dialogs) created by ray
I want to propose a new system/API/framework whatever for the dialogs. Of …
14:00 Ticket #1159 (Slow behaviour on unloading (Internet Explorer)) closed by ray
wontfix: Sorry, this has to be (until IE8 arrives). See #30 (scroll to the end)
13:39 Changeset [986] by ray
new branch new-dialogs
13:38 Changeset [985] by ray
deleted outdated branch
12:37 Changeset [984] by ray
updated branch with changes frum trunk


20:20 Changeset [983] by ray
updated branch
19:56 Ticket #1171 (SmartReplace could also replace three dots with an ellipsis) closed by ray
fixed: OK, why not: rev [982]
19:55 Changeset [982] by ray
#1171 SmartReplace? could also replace three dots with an ellipsis
18:33 Ticket #1155 (InsertAnchor broken in IE 7) closed by ray
fixed: rev [981] 1. Have cleared your cache? all fine here in Win & Linux …
18:29 Changeset [981] by ray
#1155 InsertAnchor? broken in IE 7
17:17 Ticket #1173 (IE8 beta toolbars broken) closed by ray
fixed: rev [980]
17:17 Ticket #1174 (IE8 beta no text cursor in wysiwyg) closed by ray
fixed: rev [980]
17:16 Changeset [980] by ray
#30 disabled Xinha.collectGarbageForIE() #1173 IE8 beta toolbars broken …
17:04 Ticket #1175 (IE8 beta DomWalk broken/switch to TransformInnerHTML as default?) created by ray
because getting node.attribute.length throws an "not implemented" error. …
17:00 Ticket #1174 (IE8 beta no text cursor in wysiwyg) created by ray
The mouse pointer is normal arrow instead of text cursor, no caret visible
16:58 Ticket #1173 (IE8 beta toolbars broken) created by ray
every sub-toolbar that is meant to float takes one whole line
13:56 Ticket #1155 (InsertAnchor broken in IE 7) reopened by wymsy
There are still a couple of problems: 1. In FireFox?, the placeholder img …
11:22 Ticket #1172 ([LangMarks] make available languages configurable) created by guest
Currently, to change the list of languages available in LangMarks? plugin, …
11:15 Ticket #1171 (SmartReplace could also replace three dots with an ellipsis) created by guest
It's all in the summary. Among other characters, the …
10:36 Ticket #1170 (Add an input field image url picker function to ExtendedFileManager) created by guest
This will be a clone of #1024, but for [wiki:Plugins/ExtendedFileManager?


12:38 Ticket #1161 (permission error from ColorPicker.js) closed by ray
fixed: rev [979]
12:37 Changeset [979] by ray
#1161 permission error from ColorPicker?.js
12:13 Ticket #1160 (Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited) closed by ray
fixed: tried to fix in rev [978]: this is a problem with webkit's implementation …
12:09 Changeset [978] by ray
* #1160 Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited * #1157 FF3B3 and …
11:37 Ticket #1061 (IE Anchor Enter Clears Text) closed by ray
fixed: So I understand the text-clearing doesn't occur anymore? I'll close this …
10:48 Ticket #1154 (Japanese doesn't work on demo server) closed by ray
fixed: Removed default charset from the server, nao it works with Japanese, too.
10:27 Ticket #1169 (Editor loads as a normal text area) closed by ray
invalid: right


15:48 Ticket #1169 (Editor loads as a normal text area) created by guest
Hello, I have been at this all day but cannot figure out the problem the …
15:42 Ticket #1155 (InsertAnchor broken in IE 7) closed by ray
fixed: re-engaged placeholder.gif
15:42 Changeset [977] by ray
#1155 InsertAnchor? broken in IE 7


02:26 Ticket #1168 (New Plugin created - Media) created by guest
Hello, I've been working on a new plug-in: 'Media'. The results of which …


15:13 Ticket #1167 (Selection problem in Safari 3 prevents display of table, row and cell ...) created by guest
If you use the nightly build demo on xinha.org, enable TableOperations? and …
15:09 Ticket #1166 (TableOperations dialogs do not resize properly in Safari 3) created by guest
Whenever you open a table, row or cell properties dialog with Safari 3 on …
15:08 Ticket #1165 (TableOperations color palettes don't appear in Safari 3 Mac) created by guest
Just an odd item, the color palettes in the cell, row and table properties …
13:05 Ticket #1164 (Images directory defaults to demo images?) created by guest
Xinha 0.95RC2 on Safari3 Mac OS X I just installed the fresh 0.95RC2 and …
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