12:38 Ticket #1161 (permission error from ColorPicker.js) closed by ray
fixed: rev [979]
12:37 Changeset [979] by ray
#1161 permission error from ColorPicker?.js
12:13 Ticket #1160 (Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited) closed by ray
fixed: tried to fix in rev [978]: this is a problem with webkit's implementation …
12:09 Changeset [978] by ray
* #1160 Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited * #1157 FF3B3 and …
11:37 Ticket #1061 (IE Anchor Enter Clears Text) closed by ray
fixed: So I understand the text-clearing doesn't occur anymore? I'll close this …
10:48 Ticket #1154 (Japanese doesn't work on demo server) closed by ray
fixed: Removed default charset from the server, nao it works with Japanese, too.
10:27 Ticket #1169 (Editor loads as a normal text area) closed by ray
invalid: right


15:48 Ticket #1169 (Editor loads as a normal text area) created by guest
Hello, I have been at this all day but cannot figure out the problem the …
15:42 Ticket #1155 (InsertAnchor broken in IE 7) closed by ray
fixed: re-engaged placeholder.gif
15:42 Changeset [977] by ray
#1155 InsertAnchor? broken in IE 7


02:26 Ticket #1168 (New Plugin created - Media) created by guest
Hello, I've been working on a new plug-in: 'Media'. The results of which …


15:13 Ticket #1167 (Selection problem in Safari 3 prevents display of table, row and cell ...) created by guest
If you use the nightly build demo on xinha.org, enable TableOperations? and …
15:09 Ticket #1166 (TableOperations dialogs do not resize properly in Safari 3) created by guest
Whenever you open a table, row or cell properties dialog with Safari 3 on …
15:08 Ticket #1165 (TableOperations color palettes don't appear in Safari 3 Mac) created by guest
Just an odd item, the color palettes in the cell, row and table properties …
13:05 Ticket #1164 (Images directory defaults to demo images?) created by guest
Xinha 0.95RC2 on Safari3 Mac OS X I just installed the fresh 0.95RC2 and …


14:01 WikiStart edited by ray


06:55 Ticket #1163 (TableOperations breaks if tables have a TH) created by mharrisonline
When the TableOperations? plugin performs an operation on a column or row, …
02:42 Ticket #1162 (Color Picker not position correctly in a div that has scrolling [patch]) created by guest
top and left calculation of the color picker div should take into account …
02:25 Ticket #1161 (permission error from ColorPicker.js) created by guest
We reference window.opener on load of this script. In some cases, the …
00:40 Ticket #1152 (Plugins using surroundHTML no longer work in IE7) closed by mharrisonline
fixed: Checked in as revision 976.


16:23 Changeset [976] by mharrisonline
Applied fix from Gocher for ticket #1152, fixes surroundHTML in IE


20:34 Ticket #1160 (Safari puts selected HTML near bottom if edited) created by mharrisonline
In Windows Safari 3.1, using the Extended Example, I can select text from …
15:38 Ticket #1159 (Slow behaviour on unloading (Internet Explorer)) created by guest
Hello, We are using many Xinha editors on one page (5 to 10), on IE. The …


17:28 WikiStartJapan edited by htanaka
fix broken markup / add news (diff)


19:12 Changeset [975] by ray
updated branch
12:31 Ticket #1158 (When I use plugins/ImageManager in Japanese environment, an error occurs ...) created by guest
When I use plugins/ImageManager in Japanese environment, an error occurs …
09:13 Ticket #1157 (FF3B3 and popups) created by guest
By default windows in FF3B3 aren't allowed to resize themselves. Therefore …


14:30 Ticket #1156 (£ should be converted to £) created by guest
Entering £ in design view should be converted to £ in code view.
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