22:27 Ticket #1126 (Percent (%) in URL prevent stripSelfNamedAnchors from working) created by guest
If a percent (%) is contained within the QueryString?, the method …
16:24 Ticket #1110 (SetHTML if not loading finished) closed by guillaumed
04:05 Ticket #993 (PageStyle to override styles in PageStylesheets) closed by gogo
04:02 Changeset [928] by gogo
ticket:993 - move pageStyle to over ride pageStylesheets ticket:961 - make …
03:41 Ticket #1125 (Xinha not correctly referenced in ImageManager) closed by gogo
03:40 Ticket #1125 (Xinha not correctly referenced in ImageManager) created by gogo
Tracking ticket - changeset:927 .
03:40 Changeset [927] by gogo
Correction to reference to Xinha object/namespace in the ImageManager?.
03:34 Ticket #1124 (scan.php does not work well with subdirectory as dir) closed by gogo
03:34 Ticket #1124 (scan.php does not work well with subdirectory as dir) created by gogo
tracking ticket for changeset:926 .
03:33 Changeset [926] by gogo
Allow specification of base url to use (so that a subdirectory can be used …
03:26 Ticket #1123 (Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend) closed by gogo
03:26 Ticket #1123 (Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend) created by gogo
Just a tracking ticket for changeset:925 .
03:26 Changeset [925] by gogo
Allow return of PHP array from xinha_pass_to_php_backend
01:52 Ticket #1122 (Problems pasting some text - it gets cut off.) created by guest
Tried the version 0.94. and - opened the file xinha/examples/testbed.html …


17:47 Ticket #1121 ([PATCH] Disable tabs while editing) created by guest
Right now in Xinha, if a user presses the tab key while editing text in a …


07:37 Ticket #853 (Translation for farsi) reopened by guest
Hi, Please commit this change to update Farsi/Persian? translation.


19:53 Ticket #1120 (HTML select overlaps color picker) created by guest
On IE6, when there is a HTML select below the editor, it overlaps the …
15:52 Ticket #1119 ([ContextMenu] optionally switch of FIrefox Spell check) created by guest
Firefox uses its built-in spell checker in design mode. While …


14:54 Ticket #1109 (Spanish language extended) closed by ray
fixed: comitted rev [924] Thank you very much for your contribution!
14:53 Changeset [924] by ray
#1109 Spanish language extended
14:47 Ticket #1116 (ExtendedFileManager fr.js) closed by ray
fixed: added rev [923]
14:46 Changeset [923] by ray
#1116 [ExtendedFileManager?] added French translation
14:37 Ticket #1117 (IE returns javascript error -1072896658) closed by ray
fixed: rev [922]: haven't actually tested this, but the patch seems sufficiently …
14:35 Changeset [922] by ray
#1117 IE returns javascript error -1072896658
14:30 Ticket #1114 (Non www links get stripped!) closed by ray
worksforme: cannot reproduce this
01:42 Ticket #1118 (Firefox: Hitting enter makes text scroll away) created by guest
When I use xinha with firefox and I enter an amount of text that makes you …


00:14 Ticket #1117 (IE returns javascript error -1072896658) created by guest
Description: On some Xinha installations, IE returns javascript error …


14:06 Ticket #1107 (Font keeps defaulting to Times New Roman and size 1) closed by wymsy
invalid: Please ask questions in the forum.


14:56 Ticket #1116 (ExtendedFileManager fr.js) created by guest
French language for the ExtendedFileManager? plugin LANG: "fr"


23:57 Ticket #1115 (Dialogs not working on firefox 3(i know, i know, but ...)) created by guest
not sure if it's intended behaviour in firefox or a bug but the latest …
13:39 Ticket #1114 (Non www links get stripped!) created by guest
I've a template with a image link that gets stripped if it has a subdomain …


23:56 Ticket #1113 (Convert HTML to Xinha???) closed by ray
invalid: Please ask questions in the …
21:39 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by ray
added Can I load/edit/save online documnets with Xinha? (diff)


21:42 Ticket #1113 (Convert HTML to Xinha???) created by guest
Hi! I'm spanish and i dont know anything about to program... Sorry, but i …
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