14:52 Ticket #886 (Code to handle shortcuts moved from _editorEvent() to separate function) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [614]
14:50 Changeset [614] by ray
htmlarea.js: Ticket #886 Code to handle shortcuts moved from …
14:49 Ticket #886 (Code to handle shortcuts moved from _editorEvent() to separate function) created by ray
that can be overridden to tweak the available shortcuts
12:35 Ticket #885 (More possibilities in createLink function) created by henrik.andersen@…
Add more possibilities to createLink function, so that people can make …
12:25 Ticket #884 (More possibilities in InsertImage - Code included) created by henrik.andersen@…
Added more possibilities to insertimage function, so that users can make …


10:46 Changeset [613] by ray
Equation: new version Discussion: Ticket #877


13:55 Changeset [612] by ray
ext_example-body.html: moved _editor_lang & _editor_skin to init function …


11:58 Changeset [611] by ray
Preparations for AsciiMath? plugin
10:36 Changeset [610] by ray
SaveSubmit?: added Russian translation


23:48 Ticket #883 (Find and Replace for HTML Source) created by john@…
Is there any ability to have the Find and Replace tool work in the …
12:01 Ticket #882 (SaveSubmit spoils encoding) closed by BeeVee
wontfix: That's a pity.
10:48 Changeset [609] by ray
Added notice about implicit UTF-8 encoding of data (see Ticket #882)


18:24 Ticket #882 (SaveSubmit spoils encoding) created by BeeVee
Trying to save: русский текст (it is win-1251) SaveSubmit? saves: …


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14:27 Changeset [608] by ray
Ticket #881 EFM: return to the directory last open
14:26 Ticket #881 (EFM: return to the directory last open) created by ray
It can be an annoying task to insert multiple files from one directory, as …
01:41 WikiStart edited by ray


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16:03 Ticket #880 (Support for https in popupURL) created by guest
popupURL doesn't support https when the URL is absolute. Changing } …


16:34 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by ray
added: How can I costumize the toolbar & What options are there to make … (diff)


15:39 Ticket #823 (form.submit() fix) closed by wymsy
15:34 Changeset [607] by wymsy
Ticket #823. Automatically calls onsubmit() when using a script to submit …


23:02 Ticket #879 (Problem with inserting complet img tag to XinhaHtmlEditor) closed by ray
invalid: Honestly, you can't demand a HTML editor to understand any kind of wrong …
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16:51 Ticket #879 (Problem with inserting complet img tag to XinhaHtmlEditor) created by vasek@…
When I want to insert into html text area this tag: <img …


22:30 Ticket #878 (skin.css loaded x times) created by mail at hilope dot de
skin.css is loaded 3 times for every textarea-field. you can see this via …


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