16:51 Ticket #879 (Problem with inserting complet img tag to XinhaHtmlEditor) created by vasek@…
When I want to insert into html text area this tag: <img …


22:30 Ticket #878 (skin.css loaded x times) created by mail at hilope dot de
skin.css is loaded 3 times for every textarea-field. you can see this via …


04:29 WikiStart edited by guest


10:13 Ticket #877 (enhance the equation editor with AsciiMath ) created by baijianpeng@…
There is one plugin for xinha called AsciiMath? : …


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08:47 Ticket #876 (I want to finish the Chinese translation for xinha editor) created by baijianpeng@…
Thank you for contributed Xinha Editor, this is a great job. But the …
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01:23 Changeset [606] by ray
New plugin: SmartReplace? converts ",', and - to typographic better quotes …
00:16 Changeset [605] by ray
00:15 Ticket #875 (Turn off Firefox 2 spellchecking in HTML mode) created by ray
I just don't think anybody wants all the HTML stuff marked wrong, so I …


23:57 Ticket #874 (Update: Cut copy paste for ExtendedFileManager) closed by ray
fixed: @translators: There are some new strings. I have copied them to the …
23:53 Changeset [604] by ray
see Ticket #874
23:51 Ticket #874 (Update: Cut copy paste for ExtendedFileManager) created by ray
I added the following new functionality to EFM: * Cut/copy/paste for …
19:59 Ticket #872 (XMLHTTPRequest & windows-1252 & setHTML charset can cause IE to generate ...) closed by ray
invalid: no (Xinha) bug Your document is encoded using the proprietary …
10:49 Ticket #873 (ExtendedFileManager nl.js) closed by ray
fixed: committed in changeset:603 dank u zeer
10:47 Changeset [603] by ray
Ticket #873 ExtendedFileManager? nl.js
07:40 Ticket #873 (ExtendedFileManager nl.js) created by guest


16:13 Ticket #872 (XMLHTTPRequest & windows-1252 & setHTML charset can cause IE to generate ...) created by smark@…
We are using your editor, and we allow people to load in a template of …


15:32 Ticket #871 (Feature request: Make a Wiki Editor Option) created by guest
Xinha is 99.999% of what I need for doing complex Wiki editing. I would …


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11:21 Ticket #870 (fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content) created by ray
From rmassart from the forum …


19:30 Ticket #869 (Xinha example broken in IE7) closed by wymsy
duplicate: Let's continue the discussion of this in ticket #823, and close this as a …
00:39 Changeset [602] by wymsy
roll back changeset:599 - doesn't work in IE


17:06 Ticket #823 (form.submit() fix) reopened by ray
There seems to be a problem with that patch, see #869
16:17 Examples edited by ray
full_example does not work at the moment (see # 869), switch to … (diff)
11:49 Ticket #869 (Xinha example broken in IE7) created by guest
When someone navigates to the Example page …
04:34 Ticket #868 (xinha + ie6 = syn-flood) closed by gogo
invalid: There is no way we can possibly cause a SYN flood, that would require …


18:15 Ticket #848 (Indentation modifies page layout by inserting a space before the idented ...) closed by wymsy
fixed: Fixed in changeset:601
18:13 Ticket #859 (Color pickers partially hidden) closed by wymsy
fixed: This is fixed in changeset:600
18:02 Ticket #847 ("strip _moz attributes" brokes <img src="/images/mini_mozilla.png" />) closed by wymsy
fixed: fixed in changeset:601
18:01 Changeset [601] by wymsy
Fix for ticket #847, plus simplified several other regexps
17:54 Ticket #868 (xinha + ie6 = syn-flood) created by guest
When loading xinha from a public webserver in IE6 (XP SP2), my ADSL router …
17:06 Ticket #85 (feature request - color choosers roll out in div (not popup a new window)) closed by wymsy
fixed: Committed a slightly updated version in changeset:600.
17:03 Changeset [600] by wymsy
Enhanced color picker widget. Numerous improvements by mokhet and wymsy, …
16:16 Ticket #823 (form.submit() fix) closed by wymsy
fixed: Committed in changeset:599.
16:15 Changeset [599] by wymsy
Add onsubmit event handlers to any textareas that don't have one. Ticket …
15:59 Ticket #487 ([patch] fixRelativeLinks does not work for SelfNamedAnchors in Internet ...) closed by wymsy
fixed: Thank, gogo, closing this again with changeset:598.
15:57 Changeset [598] by wymsy
Reinstate fix for ticket #487 from changeset:502, accidentally removed in …
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17:37 Ticket #867 (Problem with ampersands in links) closed by ray
invalid: Single ampersands. Although HTML user agents have tended to turn a blind …
13:15 Ticket #867 (Problem with ampersands in links) reopened by mario@…
Hi. It's teste.php?a=1&b=2. I agree that in a normal text, & should be …


22:56 Ticket #867 (Problem with ampersands in links) closed by ray
invalid: This is absolutely correct, as & is a reserved character in HTML and has …
19:25 Ticket #867 (Problem with ampersands in links) created by mario@…
Hi, there is a bug when we add a link in xinha and use ampersands. …
16:16 Ticket #856 (ContextMenu event handler oddity) closed by ray
fixed: The solution is as simple as logical! Left-clicking in the document calls …
16:15 Changeset [597] by ray
#856 ContextMenu? event handler oddity


20:34 Ticket #487 ([patch] fixRelativeLinks does not work for SelfNamedAnchors in Internet ...) reopened by wymsy
I just discovered that the fix in changeset:502 was reversed a few hours …


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06:15 Documentation/Plugins/EditTag edited by mharrisonline
The description was difficult to understand and said InsertSmiley. (diff)


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13:55 Ticket #866 (Reducing image sizes without loss) created by guest
After retrieving the last version of Xinha, I ran Trout's GIF optimizer …


18:38 Changeset [596] by ray
Ticket #525 CSS background not applied to whole iframe
18:36 Ticket #525 (CSS background not applied to whole iframe) closed by ray
fixed: The original problem was probably a firefox bug that has vanished in the …
00:17 Ticket #865 (Compatibility) closed by koto
invalid: Ticket system is not an appropriate place for such questions, please use …


19:22 Ticket #865 (Compatibility) created by guest
What operating systems is Xinha compatible with (Windows, Unix, Linux, …
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deleted Wiki spam (diff)
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13:14 Changeset [595] by ray
Ticket #862 Adding target to a link on an image doesn't work on creation
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