10:16 Ticket #809 (xinha inserts only plain-text characters (e.g. ä not ä or € not ...) created by guest
Hi, xinha types only the plain-text characters and not their …
06:32 Ticket #805 (New russian translation) closed by gocher
06:29 Changeset [517] by gocher
russian lang file, added by BeeVee? on Mon May 29 05:29:58 2006.


02:15 Ticket #808 (Fix usage of addEventlistener) created by guest
The DOM 2 Events Specification clearly states that capturing event …


19:57 Ticket #807 (htmlmode and FullScreen plugin don't cover underlying IE6 select widgets) created by jcsalem
If you activate FullScreen? mode and HTMLmode at the same time, any of the …
08:58 Ticket #806 (Lost content when press Esc 2 times) created by guest
In textmode, I press Esc 2 times after load complete, my content will …


10:29 Ticket #805 (New russian translation) created by BeeVee
I'm unsure where should I submit a new translation file, and …
10:20 Ticket #804 (PHP popups) created by BeeVee
I think it will be useful to allow PHP popups, not only HTML. This code …
06:09 Ticket #803 (Add creation of definition lists (DL) to buttons bar) closed by gocher
fixed: I wrote a little plugin for that and commited it in changset 803!
06:05 Changeset [516] by gocher
Ticket #803 Add creation of definition lists (DL) to buttons bar New …


12:23 Ticket #803 (Add creation of definition lists (DL) to buttons bar) created by rduke15@…
I would like to be able to use HTML definition lists. Tried to hack the …


18:09 Ticket #802 (Add a config option to disable dragging into an HTMLArea) created by jcsalem
Dragging content, especially images, into the HTMLArea's iframe can be …
17:06 Ticket #801 ([PATCH] Anchors defined in same document are not auto-selected) created by smithda5@…
If your document contains the anchor #testo, and you use "Modify Link..." …


03:44 Ticket #800 (Errors with Xinha for IE6.0.2900.2180) closed by guest


05:52 Ticket #800 (Errors with Xinha for IE6.0.2900.2180) created by the_therapist
Xinha works fine with Firefox 1.5, but fails to load in IE6. I have tried …


09:17 Ticket #799 (How to check if the content have be changed by user) created by Emanuel Dejanu <emanuel@…>
Hi, Is there a easy/fast way to know if user have change the content? Now …
08:15 Logo-runners-ups created by kimss
Runner ups page
08:13 Logo edited by kimss
Moving the runner ups to seperate page (diff)
08:09 Logo edited by kimss
Added download links for the new Xinha Logo (diff)
08:02 Logo edited by kimss


16:54 Ticket #749 (Cannot load on new Firefox version) closed by guillaumed
fixed: The code is moving too fast : this bug was corrected in a previous …
15:21 Ticket #798 (Scripts corrupted in GetHtml plugin) closed by wymsy
15:17 Changeset [515] by wymsy
Ticket #798: the entire contents of script tags will now be ignored. Also …
15:14 Ticket #798 (Scripts corrupted in GetHtml plugin) created by wymsy
The GetHtml? plugin can sometimes corrupt scripts if the script is not …
03:03 Ticket #796 (Can't run full example on Interent Explorer 6.0.2900.2180) closed by gogo
duplicate: #766


08:35 Ticket #797 (Naming and IDing the IFrame) created by guest
I couldn't see anywhere in the source where the dynamic Iframe is either …
07:37 Ticket #796 (Can't run full example on Interent Explorer 6.0.2900.2180) created by guest
When I try to run full example of Xinha on Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 …


21:25 Ticket #795 (imageManager bugs) created by walo_punk
when i open the imageManager, on the place where sould be displayed the …


14:35 Changeset [514] by gocher
Ony a view comments changed to show that Ticket #522 is invalid
11:37 WikiStartFrance edited by mokhet
11:36 WikiStartFrance edited by mokhet
11:36 Tickets edited by mokhet
11:36 TicketsFrance created by mokhet


17:32 Ticket #766 (R496 crashes IE6) reopened by GazElms
513 still has the same problem on my machine. Any ideas on this one? If …
07:19 Ticket #655 (Using CharCounter plugin with IE causes Xinha to become intolerably slow.) closed by gogo
fixed: I think gocher fixed this in changeset:512
07:17 Ticket #780 (Where can I find the API) closed by gogo
invalid: Well you won't find it in the Bug Tracker! There is no published API, …
07:17 Ticket #779 (Warning message : "text-control is not isntalled") closed by gogo
invalid: Indeed, invalid, go see wordpress, or the forums.
07:15 Ticket #794 (Updating AJAX) closed by gogo
invalid: See forum
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