18:50 Ticket #599 (FlashVars value always removed, GetHtml plugin) created by mharrisonline
When I use the GetHtml? plugin or any other way to keep Flash code intact, …
18:09 Ticket #598 (Access Denied) created by gplanincic
Hello, i work with Xinha many times, but now i get a problem i never had. …


22:37 Ticket #597 (Action handler of self defined dropdowns) created by wgallo@…
I have added a dropdown to the toolbar by doing something like […] Now …
15:09 Changeset [427] by gogo
Small fix to make floating work in firefox for blue-metallic.
12:08 Ticket #579 (does not work with safari) closed by anonymous
00:16 Ticket #579 (does not work with safari) reopened by anonymous
link or ban.


15:47 Ticket #223 (a Charcounter tested with Mozilla and IE "\plugins\CharCounter\") closed by anonymous


10:44 Ticket #596 (Cell Properties resize problem) created by emanuel2000@…
When I open the Cell Properties window it do not resize corectlly. I can …


14:01 Ticket #586 (GetHtml plugin adds doctype twice) closed by mharrisonline
fixed: Thanks, wymsy. I'm closing the ticket since the issue is fixed. :)


22:22 Ticket #595 (Add a "Loading..." message to Xinha) created by anonymous
It can take a long time for Xinha to load, it needs a panel in front of it …
20:54 Ticket #590 (multiple editors on same page make the plugin getHtml fail) closed by mokhet
15:04 Changeset [426] by wymsy
14:54 Changeset [425] by wymsy
Fix for ticket #591; comments containing tags are now handled correctly; …
14:52 Changeset [424] by wymsy
12:48 Ticket #593 (Disable toolbar) closed by anonymous
invalid: Not a bug, take it to the forum. FYI, it's disabled for technical …
12:47 Ticket #592 (no option page 4 xinha WordPress) closed by anonymous
invalid: Go bug wordpress about it, not a bug with us!
07:54 Ticket #594 (IE: insertHTML() inserts HTML outside editor when editor is not focussed) created by mzr111
Dear Xinha developer, I have a problem. I have a php file. In that php …
04:11 Ticket #593 (Disable toolbar) created by mzr111
I want to ask why you disable toolbar when xinha initilized?. For me as a …


21:14 Ticket #592 (no option page 4 xinha WordPress) created by luca.oppizzi@…
Hi, I just installed xinha for WordPress?. After the plugin activation (no …
16:27 Ticket #591 (Bug - Entering Javascript - Onclick function containing HTML code ...) created by mind.warp@…
Here's the scenario... We're using Xinha as part of a homebrew CMS for an …
13:20 Ticket #590 (multiple editors on same page make the plugin getHtml fail) created by mokhet
When i have multiple editors on the same page and at least 2 of them using …
03:24 Ticket #589 (Character counter not work) created by anonymous
Character counter not work when i insert table, image, etc.... Its only …


07:48 Changeset [423] by niko
corrected preg_replace-call (see changeset:388)


08:13 Ticket #588 (image problem) closed by gogo
invalid: I think this is spam (links lead to commercial website not images as the …


23:27 Ticket #588 (image problem) created by unlovelt@…
hello, i have a problem for add an image. when i edit a text which have …


17:41 Ticket #587 (Xinha as a Firefox Plugin) closed by Harshblogger
invalid: Hello, sorry I submitted this as a ticket. I thought I submitted it to …
06:57 Ticket #587 (Xinha as a Firefox Plugin) created by Harshblogger
Hello Xinha crew. Thanks for the great work. I wanted to let you know …


19:55 Changeset [422] by wymsy
fix doctype problem in fullPage mode fix html attributes in fullPage mode …
02:37 WikiStartFrance edited by mokhet
typo corrections (diff)


00:16 Ticket #586 (GetHtml plugin adds doctype twice) created by mharrisonline
When the GetHtml? plugin is used with Xinha in full page mode, this source …


08:36 Changeset [421] by gocher
Ticket #550 changes for firefox 1.5 RC1


11:49 Changeset [420] by gogo
Fix flowing toolbar problem in Gecko where doesn't properly drop to next …


12:02 WikiStart edited by gogo
11:35 Ticket #585 (How to disable a Xinhas Textarea) closed by anonymous
invalid: That won't work, you need to manipulate the generated Xinha not the …
11:34 Ticket #584 (Implementing Stylist) closed by anonymous
invalid: Take it to the forum please, not a bug.
10:11 Ticket #585 (How to disable a Xinhas Textarea) created by tribeiro@…
Hi, What I’m trying to do is this: When the page is loaded, I want the …
05:03 Ticket #584 (Implementing Stylist) created by tanandan@…
Can anyone help a javascript and Xinha novice figure out how to implement …
01:15 Ticket #583 (Change justify when changing text direction) created by Richard Lovejoy <xinha@…>
Apparently, when changing the text direction to right-to-left, it's more …
00:22 Ticket #582 (config item for clipboard security error message) created by Richard Lovejoy <xinha@…>
You may want to specify a particular, customised error message when an …


02:26 Ticket #581 (ListType plugin using panel mode + a lot of content = scrollbar weirdness ...) created by blakeb@…
Using IE6 (in Win 2000/XP) This can be replicated using the online …


16:00 Ticket #51 (SpellChecker default dictionary) closed by anonymous
fixed: Stupid vandals.


05:33 Changeset [419] by mokhet
more ; fixed (a few were missing, a lot were used with no reason) for …
05:10 Ticket #51 (SpellChecker default dictionary) reopened by anonymous
03:57 Ticket #580 (wiki localisation) created by mokhet
Hello there, the way i am slowly translating the wiki pages to a french …
00:49 Ticket #579 (does not work with safari) closed by gogo
invalid: -> Forum thanks.


20:53 Changeset [418] by kimss
Linefeed in the end should not be there
11:10 Ticket #579 (does not work with safari) created by anonymous
gives a popup saying that it requires javascipt 1.3 but will try anyway. …


16:40 Ticket #529 (Needle haystack cluttering code) closed by gogo
invalid: No response. CLosing
16:40 Ticket #131 (Width problem) closed by gogo
fixed: This was all fixed long time ago now.
16:35 Ticket #274 (xinha_config.width and height without px) closed by gogo
fixed: Applid something suitable in changeset:417
16:35 Changeset [417] by gogo
Fix for #274 - if config.width/height specifed as only an integer it did …
16:28 Changeset [416] by gogo
Small fix
16:27 Ticket #304 (skin partially loaded if skin.css loaded before htmlarea.js) closed by gogo
fixed: SInce you can specify _editor_skin = 'skin-name' it is no longer an issue.
16:07 Ticket #307 (Stylist take half of the textarea in IE but get normal width with Firefox) closed by gogo
fixed: I believe this was fixed long long ago.
16:05 Ticket #317 (HTML Tidy removes all content in IE in example) closed by gogo
fixed: Working now it seems.
16:03 Ticket #328 (xinha iframe causes IE dialog "do you want to display nonsecure items?") closed by gogo
fixed: Part 2 applied in changeset:415
16:03 Changeset [415] by gogo
Apply part 2 of #328 - fix spellchecker for https
15:55 Ticket #361 (Adding new alignment nests div's instead of closing and starting new one - ...) closed by gogo
wontfix: Going to have to WONTFIX this, it's the browser's responsibility to align …
15:53 Ticket #363 (Absolute and Relative links) closed by gogo
invalid: -> Forum Essentially dup of a "bug" to look at the url replacing stuff.
15:46 Ticket #418 (Various bugs in the example (Firefox, Mac OS X) build 278) closed by gogo
invalid: Currently working.
15:44 Ticket #447 (Problems in ImageManager with no values in margin,padding and border) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:409
15:44 Ticket #394 (v4.01 complient code gets messed up by Xinha as xhtml) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied changeset:412
15:43 Ticket #377 (Can't insert column after last column in IE) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:413
15:43 Ticket #369 (Empty cells once a table has been created) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:414
15:36 Changeset [414] by gogo
Apply #369 - put &nbsp; in cells of new table.
15:33 Changeset [413] by gogo
Apply #377 - fix last column insert with IE
15:20 Changeset [412] by gogo
Apply #394
15:12 Ticket #409 (Adding blockquote to formatblock) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed this for Gecko in changeset:411 IE doesn't seem to support …
15:12 Changeset [411] by gogo
Fix blockquote formablock for Gecko (#409). Unfortunatly, IE doesn't …
14:57 Ticket #417 (Some changes to HtmlTidy) closed by gogo
fixed: I'm not satisfied that this modification is sensible. Even with removing …
14:56 Changeset [410] by gogo
Apply parts of #417 - namely add cwd and regexp splitting.
14:38 Changeset [409] by gogo
Fix for #447 - removing border/margin/padding lengths in dialog did not …
14:21 Ticket #455 (Javascript Error on inserting new Images ) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:408 (to both ImageManager? and core)
14:20 Changeset [408] by gogo
Apply #455
14:11 Ticket #479 (Refresh DynamicCSS dropdown whit updated StyleSheet) closed by gogo
invalid: -> Forum
14:04 Ticket #540 (Exceptions in Firefox, look at changeset [372]) closed by gogo
fixed: I have a feeling that the recent implementation of waiting until the …
14:01 Ticket #576 (I want to use multiple xinha textareas on a page) closed by gogo
invalid: Not possible currently -> forum anyway thanks
14:00 Ticket #577 (EnterParagraphs (default for Mozilla Firefox) mistake) closed by gogo
duplicate: Dup of #446
13:47 Ticket #578 (Magic Quotes prevents ImageManager backend security check from working) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:407
13:47 Changeset [407] by gogo
Add code to clean magic quotes (see #578)
13:37 Ticket #245 (intercept paste with gecko: popup with textarea) closed by gogo
fixed: Closing this.
13:33 Ticket #234 (How to get a background image into the <BODY> tag?) closed by gogo
fixed: I think this can be closed now?
12:29 Ticket #545 (Code suggestion for disableToolbar exceptions) closed by gogo
invalid: I don't see the point in this one, and no reply, so closing.
12:26 Ticket #460 (Skins as part of Xinha) closed by gogo
invalid: -> Forum
04:43 Ticket #574 (A few JS errors which Mozilla reported) closed by anonymous
invalid: Please do not submit these useless warnings. Redeclaration of variables …
04:42 Ticket #573 (A few JS errors which Mozilla reported) closed by anonymous
wontfix: These are only trivial warnings.
04:38 Ticket #575 (surroundHTML changes case of <span> parameters) closed by anonymous
invalid: HTML is caseless. xhtml is lowercase. This is not a bug. Your onclick …
04:34 Ticket #544 (Patch to add a ID to a Image (InsertImage Popup)) reopened by anonymous
Bloody anonymous.


23:02 Ticket #287 (Making Xinha leave HTML for Flash and scripting intact (object, script, ...) closed by mharrisonline
worksforme: The comment issue was fixed in the GetHtml? plugin, so it is again the best …
18:29 Changeset [406] by wymsy
Preserve formatting in comments
17:31 Ticket #544 (Patch to add a ID to a Image (InsertImage Popup)) closed by anonymous
fixed: lkjlkj[ {{{ == == == == ---- ]
16:57 Ticket #578 (Magic Quotes prevents ImageManager backend security check from working) created by mike@…
While working on a plugin for Xinha on Wordpress, I had trouble with the …
07:29 Ticket #577 (EnterParagraphs (default for Mozilla Firefox) mistake) created by gocher
If you hit enter in a empty Xinha editor on Mozilla Firefox and submit it …
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