22:40 Ticket #92 (xinha adds pages to history) created by jonathan at carnageblenderdotcom
If I am on page A, and page B contains a xinha area, and I click from page …
14:37 WikiStart edited by gogo
14:02 Ticket #91 (write back Xinha contents to textarea on JS submit()) created by anonymous
I have made a save button using form.submit() to save submit the form. As …
11:06 Changeset [52] by guillaumed
Change _createToobar to allow it to be incremented dynamically
10:59 Ticket #90 (New plugins for Xinha) created by marco.sottana@…
Hello, we have developed 3 plugin for html area: 1) layer div manager 2) …
10:22 Changeset [51] by guillaumed
change registerPlugin to return the plugin created and add refreshPlugin …
09:13 Changeset [50] by guillaumed
inserthorizontalrule changed
09:06 Ticket #89 (Idea + Patch: call events of textarea) created by Niko <ns@…>
in my cms we have a table with several Xinhas. If the content of onw xinha …
09:04 Changeset [49] by guillaumed
inserthorizontal rule added msg modified
07:37 Ticket #88 (fr.js to update) created by guillaumed
07:19 Ticket #87 (horizontal rule : name changed) created by anonymous
the command to add a horizontal rule as been changed in htmlarea.js, not …


18:07 Ticket #86 (Xinha and window resizing does not refresh GUI) created by riftdesign
When using Firefox or IE (XP SP2) in the recent nightly (2005-03-21), when …


23:30 Ticket #85 (feature request - color choosers roll out in div (not popup a new window)) created by anonymous
Id like to see the color choosers roll out in the same window such as they …
17:46 Changeset [48] by yermol
now uses PHP_SELF to figure out installation directory URL. changed plugin …
14:17 Ticket #84 (missing function registerPlugins) created by RwD
This is in the Newbie Guide: / STEP 3 …
08:27 Ticket #83 (layer manager plugins) created by marco.sottana@…
hi i made a layer manager plugins for htmlarea.. i would like to put it in …
07:26 Ticket #82 (Table plugin) created by Delli
Create table 3 rows 4 colums 1st column make rowspan 3 - using mergecell …
05:11 Changeset [47] by yermol
images_url config option in image-manager.js relative to _editor_url …
02:13 Changeset [46] by yermol
third time's a charm. Had left debug messages turned on. Now turned off.
01:59 Changeset [45] by yermol
couple last minute config tweaks.
01:53 Ticket #73 (Check in ImageManager) closed by yermol
fixed: Checked in modified ImageManager? with unified backend. By defualt it's set …
01:51 Changeset [44] by yermol
removed mistakenly added temporary file
01:49 Changeset [43] by yermol
adding modified version of Xiang Wei Zhuo's ImageManager? plugin that now …
01:47 Ticket #81 (Image links getting mangled?) created by dhscompguy
I'm inserting this image -- […] When I switch back and forth from …


10:43 Ticket #80 (Bug in insert special character) created by CyberTron
If nothing is selected in the text area (eg. try click on the top corner …
01:55 Ticket #79 (Better italian translation) created by m.landoni@…
It seems that the existing italian translation is not complete (some parts …


23:55 Ticket #78 (EnterParagraphs p tag Spacing Improvement/Exception and bug) created by yermol
Implement the design in EnterParagraphs? suggested by Gogo to include a …
23:23 Ticket #77 (editor area not sized correctly under FireFox.) closed by yermol
fixed: See == http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=432#p432 == fixed …
23:23 Changeset [42] by yermol
changed this.width to 'toolbar'
23:20 Ticket #77 (editor area not sized correctly under FireFox.) created by yermol
Under firefox, the editable area sometimes does not size correctly. The …
23:02 Ticket #76 (IE6 hangs if textarea have more than 300char) created by anonymous
[…] Html stripped. If i use this config IE6 hangs if there is more …
19:09 Ticket #75 ((Interim Solution): Including external style sheet doesn't work with IE) created by webmaster@…
When explicitly giving Xinha an external stylesheet: this.pageStyle = …
12:50 Ticket #66 (Patch: Linker-Plugin - define files in configuration) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:41
12:49 Changeset [41] by gogo
Applying #66
12:44 Ticket #64 (Patch: HtmlTidy bugfixes + charset) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:40
12:43 Changeset [40] by gogo
Applying #64
12:38 Ticket #57 (Patch: Charset, utf-8 encoding for _postback) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:39 , except for the UTF-8 change, see the commit log …
12:37 Changeset [39] by gogo
Appying patch #57 also changed other uses of escape() and unescape(). Not …
06:44 Ticket #72 (EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags ) closed by yermol
wontfix: Was a bad idea, as gogo pointed out. It's better just to wrap the Xinha …
06:31 Ticket #74 (Enable and Disable Xinha from a checkbox or other) created by anonymous
Users of mine have requested the ability to start and stop/enable and …
06:07 Ticket #73 (Check in ImageManager) created by yermol
The current ImageManager? code I have uses a number of different PHP …
06:00 Ticket #72 (EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags ) created by yermol
The idea for EnterParagraphs? is this: Right now onEnter it inserts <p>'s …


10:57 Ticket #71 (Selecting the image and press delete) created by fc.stuurman@…
Selecting the image and press delete I get: This object doesn't handle …


22:45 Ticket #70 (IE problem loading page -- error accessing HTMLArea.I18N.tooltips) created by henry.turco@…
I was having a problem loading the example page “table-operations.html” in …
18:12 Ticket #69 (offsetWidth not defined in IE 6.0) created by dlst
Working off the nightly, from 3/12/05. I get a Javascript error in IE …
13:11 Ticket #68 (Changing the background color in Firefox don't work, IE works fine) created by schaefer@…
If I try to change the background color using Firefox 1.0.1, the color …


17:01 Ticket #67 (Patch: Linker-Plugin - labels for files) created by Niko <ns@…>
== Patch: labels for files == If you have a dynamic website links may …
16:14 Ticket #66 (Patch: Linker-Plugin - define files in configuration) created by Niko <ns@…>
== Patch: define files in configuration == Doesn't require a scan.php, …
13:28 Ticket #65 (Moving images in Firefox changes src attribute value) created by anonymous
When moving an image in Mozilla Firefox, the src attribute value is …
10:03 Ticket #64 (Patch: HtmlTidy bugfixes + charset) created by Niko <ns@…>
Changes: * plugin now makes use of HTMLArea._postback (instead of having …


18:05 Documentation/Plugins/DynamicCSS edited by dlst
13:27 Ticket #63 (Multiple Undo- truncates the file) created by clem
Using Xinha 6th March) in CMSimple on localhost EasyPHP1.7 I have just had …
13:21 Ticket #62 (Background Color (Colour) Button) created by clem
On my local host 6 March Nightly. EasyPHP1.7. Font Colour works- but …


06:21 Ticket #61 (Paned Window fullscreen problem under FireFox) created by yermol
FireFox? 1.0 under RedHat? Linux 9.0. Using the full_example, select some …
06:18 Ticket #60 (Paned Window Refresh problem in Linker, possibly all paned windows) created by yermol
FireFox? 1.0 under RedHat? Linux 9. Using the full_example. Highlight a …


19:23 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
18:46 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
18:30 Documentation edited by akaEdge
18:26 Documentation edited by akaEdge
18:20 Documentation created by akaEdge
16:24 Ticket #59 (Javascript error in IE 6.0 when using Del or Backspace on an image) created by mark.zeitler@…
In the latest nightly build, when you select an image and press the …
10:06 Ticket #58 (feature-request: additional settings for Linker-Plugin) created by ns@…
Setting to define which type of link is allowed. - popup-window (i won't …
06:53 Ticket #57 (Patch: Charset, utf-8 encoding for _postback) created by ns@…
[…] and i think the charset=utf-8 can be removed here too - as only …
04:18 WikiStart edited by gogo
02:38 Ticket #56 (additional html when using firefox greesemonkey) created by anonymous
In my copy of firefox I have greesemonkey installed, which allows me to …


16:17 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
16:01 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:57 Ticket #55 (dutch language files for plugins) created by fstuurman
Some dutch nl.js files for plugins which are not in the xinha-latest zip. …
13:31 Examples edited by akaEdge
13:19 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:16 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:15 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:14 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:14 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
13:11 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
12:52 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
12:50 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide created by akaEdge
11:13 Examples edited by akaEdge
I had to add this link somewhere to start the page - this can be moved (diff)
04:05 WikiStart edited by gogo


08:45 Changeset [38] by gogo
Erroneous onload in example removed. Another of those Array prototype …
06:53 Ticket #54 (link for example (latest version) broken) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed
05:04 Examples edited by gogo


23:11 Ticket #54 (link for example (latest version) broken) created by anzenews
Hi! Link for latest version example (on 'Examples' page) is broken. Anze
21:33 Ticket #53 (formatting does not work sometimes (timing issue?)) created by anzenews
Sometimes when I fire up a page in FireFox? 1.0 (Linux) I get a Xinha …
16:54 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by anzenews
10:12 WikiStart edited by gogo
10:01 Ticket #28 (Number and UnNumbered Lists break onEnter) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:37
10:00 Changeset [37] by gogo
Fix for ticket #28 This one was tricky to track down, until I actually …
08:52 Ticket #41 (Table-operations popups size in IE on XP) closed by gogo
08:49 Ticket #46 (Missing "undo" and "redo" buttons) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:36
08:49 Changeset [36] by gogo
Replacing undo, redo, cut, copy, paste. cut copy and paste are not added …
08:42 Ticket #50 (SpellChecker plugin) closed by gogo
fixed: This is fixed in changeset:35
08:42 Changeset [35] by gogo
Fix for ticket #50
07:21 Ticket #49 (DynamicCSS pulls css and two function errors) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:34 (I think).
07:20 Changeset [34] by gogo
Fix ticket #49 another of these problems with adding to Array's …
07:16 Changeset [33] by gogo
Added plugin, couple of corrections.
07:14 Ticket #40 (Add a CSS Stylesheet to Xinha component) closed by gogo
invalid: Couple of things, you should use an absolute url to the stylesheet …
07:04 Ticket #51 (SpellChecker default dictionary) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:32
07:04 Changeset [32] by gogo
Applied patch in ticket #51
06:47 Ticket #31 (replace() method returns void) closed by gogo
fixed: That looks fine, applied in changeset:31
06:47 Changeset [31] by gogo
Applied patch from ticket #31 to return editor from HTMLArea.replace()
06:44 Ticket #52 (Patch: HtmlTidy-Plugin in safe-mode) closed by gogo
fixed: You'vre reversed your diff there (the +'s were actually removed and the …
06:44 Changeset [30] by gogo
Apply patch from ticket #52 to allow safe mode operation.
06:37 Ticket #18 (Add remove link button to Linker plugin) closed by gogo
fixed: Done in changeset:29
06:37 Changeset [29] by gogo
Add remove button - ticket:18
06:12 Changeset [28] by gogo
Cancel dialog when no selection is made and no anchor is "focused" see …
05:31 Ticket #33 (about form submit) closed by gogo
fixed: This problem is fixed in changeset:27 - you may now return false from the …
05:30 Changeset [27] by gogo
Fix ticket #33, returning false in form's onsubmit did not stop form from …
05:06 Changeset [26] by gogo
Removing the files I mentioned in changeset:25
05:02 Changeset [25] by gogo
Adding InsertAnchor? plugin, appears to work wihtout any problems. Still …
04:50 Ticket #29 (Problem with Table Properties) closed by gogo
fixed: This is fixed in changeset:24
04:49 Changeset [24] by gogo
Fix ticket #29 This was caused because of the extra methods I've added to …


09:18 Ticket #52 (Patch: HtmlTidy-Plugin in safe-mode) created by Niko <ns@…>
Using the HtmlTidy?-Plugin i got these php-errors: Warning: proc_open(): …
08:03 Ticket #51 (SpellChecker default dictionary) created by Niko <ns@…>
I made a little path that provides a default-dictionary-setting for the …
01:38 Ticket #50 (SpellChecker plugin) created by anonymous
The examples don't work.


22:13 Ticket #49 (DynamicCSS pulls css and two function errors) created by adam2003w
DynamicCSS pulls css and two function errors I've just installed …
12:02 Ticket #35 (Everybody can edit your website!!!!!!) closed by anonymous
11:47 Ticket #48 (Xinha version on downloads page) created by anzenews
'Latest' and 'nightly' on downloads page say nothing about Xinha version. …


08:32 Ticket #47 (Behaviour of Enter key - changing the style) created by anzenews
It would be nice (though it is not very high on my priority list) to have …


21:16 Ticket #46 (Missing "undo" and "redo" buttons) created by anonymous
I'm playing with the nightly from 2/25/05. I noticed that there are no …
20:37 Ticket #45 (adapting my legacy plugin) created by sull
I have a file manager (InsertFile?) plugin that was working with the …
11:31 Ticket #44 (FullScreen and other languages) created by rudolph
The Full Screen Plugin only works with the English language. The Editor …
05:56 WikiStart edited by gogo


12:12 Ticket #43 (Coloring of text is not committed to HTML) closed by anonymous
invalid: Found the problem. I inserted: editor.config.htmlRemoveTags = /(font)$/i; …
09:43 Ticket #43 (Coloring of text is not committed to HTML) created by Mirical Bernd
If I try to color a text, the color can be seen in the editor but is not …


14:36 Ticket #42 (Table-operations popups size in IE on XP) created by Chuck
Maybe it's a matter of how I customized my row/cell properties popups but, …
14:35 Ticket #41 (Table-operations popups size in IE on XP) created by Xhuxk
Maybe it's a matter of how I customized my row/cell properties popups but, …
01:10 Ticket #40 (Add a CSS Stylesheet to Xinha component) created by forgottentowers
Hi there In textarea only needs: editor1.config.pageStyle = "@import …


10:19 Ticket #39 (Add images as internationalized resources) created by gdo@…
The images for the menu buttons are not defined as internationalized …
03:37 Examples edited by anzenews
just a space (typo) (diff)


16:52 Ticket #38 (Calculate size for hidden editors) created by holtwickd
Especially Mozilla isn't very aware of sizes of hidden HTML elements. …
14:02 Ticket #23 (Maximaze & minimize buttons) closed by anonymous
00:35 Ticket #37 (Resize problem.) created by Angel
Using Firefox 1.0 (not a clue with IE) and testing the latest stable …


17:58 DownloadXinha edited by ajh <php@…>
Fixed (diff)
17:56 WikiStart edited by ajh <php@…>
More fixes (diff)
17:53 WikiStart edited by ajh <php@…>
Tried to fix (diff)
17:48 Examples edited by ajh <php@…>
16:55 WikiStart edited by anonymous
16:42 WikiStart edited by anonymous
16:34 Ticket #36 (Flash objects image placeholder plugin) created by Foxx
I would like to see the flash object plugin as described in the following …
13:39 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:53 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:22 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:21 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:20 Ticket #35 (Everybody can edit your website!!!!!!) created by anonymous
I think something went wrong. Now everybody can change the contern of your …
12:16 Examples edited by anonymous
12:13 DownloadXinha edited by anonymous
12:11 DownloadXinha edited by anonymous
07:50 Ticket #34 (the use of smarty quickfrom and xinha) created by stachrom@…
some help to implement them... like …
04:22 Ticket #33 (about form submit) created by forgottentowers
Hi there I try to check values in a form with a Xihna textara, but I tried …


16:22 Ticket #12 (Fix ContextMenu images.) closed by yermol
fixed: Fixed in SVN commit 23.
16:21 Changeset [23] by yermol
menu.css fix to make images appear.
12:04 Ticket #32 (IE6, W2000 SP4, paste in textarea, update textarea) created by antencek@…
Using Xinha WYSIWYG editor for textarea element. In Firefox 1.0 I have no …
10:29 Ticket #31 (replace() method returns void) created by ajh
The replace method is coded so that it returns the return value of the …
09:59 Examples edited by gogo
09:37 Examples edited by anonymous
07:31 Ticket #30 (about memory use) created by forgottentowers
Hi again! I used htmlarea, but when I saw xinha I think this is very cool …
07:20 Ticket #29 (Problem with Table Properties) created by forgottentowers
Hi there. I look a js error when try to change properties in a table, …
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