09:18 Ticket #52 (Patch: HtmlTidy-Plugin in safe-mode) created by Niko <ns@…>
Using the HtmlTidy?-Plugin i got these php-errors: Warning: proc_open(): …
08:03 Ticket #51 (SpellChecker default dictionary) created by Niko <ns@…>
I made a little path that provides a default-dictionary-setting for the …
01:38 Ticket #50 (SpellChecker plugin) created by anonymous
The examples don't work.


22:13 Ticket #49 (DynamicCSS pulls css and two function errors) created by adam2003w
DynamicCSS pulls css and two function errors I've just installed …
12:02 Ticket #35 (Everybody can edit your website!!!!!!) closed by anonymous
11:47 Ticket #48 (Xinha version on downloads page) created by anzenews
'Latest' and 'nightly' on downloads page say nothing about Xinha version. …


08:32 Ticket #47 (Behaviour of Enter key - changing the style) created by anzenews
It would be nice (though it is not very high on my priority list) to have …


21:16 Ticket #46 (Missing "undo" and "redo" buttons) created by anonymous
I'm playing with the nightly from 2/25/05. I noticed that there are no …
20:37 Ticket #45 (adapting my legacy plugin) created by sull
I have a file manager (InsertFile?) plugin that was working with the …
11:31 Ticket #44 (FullScreen and other languages) created by rudolph
The Full Screen Plugin only works with the English language. The Editor …
05:56 WikiStart edited by gogo


12:12 Ticket #43 (Coloring of text is not committed to HTML) closed by anonymous
invalid: Found the problem. I inserted: editor.config.htmlRemoveTags = /(font)$/i; …
09:43 Ticket #43 (Coloring of text is not committed to HTML) created by Mirical Bernd
If I try to color a text, the color can be seen in the editor but is not …


14:36 Ticket #42 (Table-operations popups size in IE on XP) created by Chuck
Maybe it's a matter of how I customized my row/cell properties popups but, …
14:35 Ticket #41 (Table-operations popups size in IE on XP) created by Xhuxk
Maybe it's a matter of how I customized my row/cell properties popups but, …
01:10 Ticket #40 (Add a CSS Stylesheet to Xinha component) created by forgottentowers
Hi there In textarea only needs: editor1.config.pageStyle = "@import …


10:19 Ticket #39 (Add images as internationalized resources) created by gdo@…
The images for the menu buttons are not defined as internationalized …
03:37 Examples edited by anzenews
just a space (typo) (diff)


16:52 Ticket #38 (Calculate size for hidden editors) created by holtwickd
Especially Mozilla isn't very aware of sizes of hidden HTML elements. …
14:02 Ticket #23 (Maximaze & minimize buttons) closed by anonymous
00:35 Ticket #37 (Resize problem.) created by Angel
Using Firefox 1.0 (not a clue with IE) and testing the latest stable …


17:58 DownloadXinha edited by ajh <php@…>
Fixed (diff)
17:56 WikiStart edited by ajh <php@…>
More fixes (diff)
17:53 WikiStart edited by ajh <php@…>
Tried to fix (diff)
17:48 Examples edited by ajh <php@…>
16:55 WikiStart edited by anonymous
16:42 WikiStart edited by anonymous
16:34 Ticket #36 (Flash objects image placeholder plugin) created by Foxx
I would like to see the flash object plugin as described in the following …
13:39 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:53 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:22 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:21 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:20 Ticket #35 (Everybody can edit your website!!!!!!) created by anonymous
I think something went wrong. Now everybody can change the contern of your …
12:16 Examples edited by anonymous
12:13 DownloadXinha edited by anonymous
12:11 DownloadXinha edited by anonymous
07:50 Ticket #34 (the use of smarty quickfrom and xinha) created by stachrom@…
some help to implement them... like …
04:22 Ticket #33 (about form submit) created by forgottentowers
Hi there I try to check values in a form with a Xihna textara, but I tried …


16:22 Ticket #12 (Fix ContextMenu images.) closed by yermol
fixed: Fixed in SVN commit 23.
16:21 Changeset [23] by yermol
menu.css fix to make images appear.
12:04 Ticket #32 (IE6, W2000 SP4, paste in textarea, update textarea) created by antencek@…
Using Xinha WYSIWYG editor for textarea element. In Firefox 1.0 I have no …
10:29 Ticket #31 (replace() method returns void) created by ajh
The replace method is coded so that it returns the return value of the …
09:59 Examples edited by gogo
09:37 Examples edited by anonymous
07:31 Ticket #30 (about memory use) created by forgottentowers
Hi again! I used htmlarea, but when I saw xinha I think this is very cool …
07:20 Ticket #29 (Problem with Table Properties) created by forgottentowers
Hi there. I look a js error when try to change properties in a table, …


21:07 Ticket #28 (Number and UnNumbered Lists break onEnter) created by yermol
Using version in SVN from Feb 19th, examples/full_example.html. Default …
02:33 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
02:33 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
02:30 WikiStart edited by gogo
02:29 WikiStart edited by gogo


06:28 Changeset [22] by gogo
New about dialog.
05:37 Examples edited by gogo
05:37 Examples edited by gogo
05:23 Changeset [21] by gogo
Setting more properties.
05:13 Changeset [20] by gogo
Setting eol-style subversion property.
05:11 Changeset [19] by gogo
Adding subversion properties.
05:03 Changeset [18] by gogo
Removing old files, the old make system (don't need it), and old …
05:00 Changeset [17] by gogo
Make the plugin accept it's config through the editor config rather than …
04:52 Changeset [16] by gogo
Fix for toolbar insertion (did this ever work, or was insertunordedlist …
04:45 Changeset [15] by gogo
* Rewrote header comment, added developer notes etc. * Removed old …
04:10 Changeset [14] by gogo
Committing new example system. Removed old examples.


19:39 Ticket #27 (Update Documentation) created by dudomann@…
Update the documentation to allow quicker integration. Remove HTMLAREA …
07:22 WikiStart edited by gogo
01:22 WikiStart edited by gogo
01:14 Examples edited by gogo


00:00 Ticket #24 (Bug in TracTickets) closed by gogo
invalid: Trac is developed by http://www.edgewall.com/ you should be able to submit …


23:58 Ticket #22 (editor.config.statusbar='false') closed by gogo
invalid: It's {{ editor.config.statusBar = false; }} (uppercase B, no quotes …
23:54 Ticket #21 (Configure Help File) closed by gogo
fixed: Done, in the SVN. [[editor.config.helpURL = …
23:53 Changeset [13] by gogo
Make helpfile configurable - ticket:21
23:48 Ticket #26 (How do I get started...?) closed by gogo
invalid: See post in forum :)
20:41 Ticket #26 (How do I get started...?) created by anonymous
Hello, It took me a while to find you guys. HTMLArea was down for ages, …
16:54 Ticket #25 (Doulbing Xinha controls) created by Reg Brehaut <reg@…>
In many instances, though not all, my page (containing several Xinha …
16:49 Ticket #24 (Bug in TracTickets) created by Reg Brehaut <reg@…>
grrr! If you forget to provide a summary (above) you can preview your …
16:37 Ticket #23 (Maximaze & minimize buttons) created by anonymous
Using Mozilla FireFox? 1.0 Click on the maximize button... it maximizes …
16:14 Ticket #22 (editor.config.statusbar='false') created by Reg Brehaut <reg@…>
Setting […] does not prevent the status bar from showing. This bug(?) …
16:03 Ticket #21 (Configure Help File) created by Reg Brehaut <reg@…>
It would be of great help, to me at least, if the file referred to in this …
11:03 Ticket #9 (Work around the "get stuck in tags" problem.) reopened by anonymous
10:53 Ticket #20 (Anchor Tool is missing) created by anonymous
Anchor Tool - Xinha very much needs a tool with which you can create and …


19:21 Ticket #19 (Multiple plugin directories) created by yermol
Loading plugins from multiple separate plugins directories would be very …
04:00 Ticket #9 (Work around the "get stuck in tags" problem.) closed by gogo
fixed: See changeset:12 I didn't use the code in this ticket, it now inserts a …
03:54 Changeset [12] by gogo
Change the method of inserting a space in strategic locations. See …
02:04 Ticket #18 (Add remove link button to Linker plugin) created by gogo
The linker plugin should have a Remove Link button if the selection is …
00:19 Ticket #2 (Popup window focus problem.) closed by gogo
fixed: Committed the change.
00:18 Changeset [11] by gogo
Fix for the popup-focus problem.


18:35 Ticket #17 (Importing Special Characters) created by reg@…
My app operates in English using the standard character set but …
13:35 WikiStart edited by niko
removed stupid changes (diff)
12:37 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:37 WikiStart edited by anonymous
00:22 Ticket #16 (Once you click the link button you can no longer see what you're linking.) created by yermol
Click the link icon without a selection. It should display a "you must …


23:22 WikiStart edited by gogo
17:40 Ticket #15 (Easy way to change popups via the config) created by garrettb
There should be a way to load different HTML files into popups using the …
17:40 Examples edited by anonymous
17:37 Ticket #14 (Ability for one toolbar to control multiple instances of editor) created by garrettb
It would be helpful to have one toolbar that could control multiple …
17:31 Ticket #13 (Loading Context CSS rules into an inline editor) created by garrettb
When using editor to edit portions of a page inline, editor does not …
17:12 Examples edited by anonymous
16:54 Examples edited by anonymous
16:39 Examples edited by anonymous
10:56 Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker edited by gogo
10:54 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
10:54 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
10:53 WikiStart edited by gogo
10:52 WikiStart edited by gogo
10:35 WikiStart edited by gogo
10:28 Documentation/Plugins/Linker created by gogo
10:24 Documentation/Plugins/SuperClean created by gogo
10:21 Documentation/Plugins/Stylist edited by gogo
10:20 Documentation/Plugins/Stylist created by gogo
10:13 Documentation/Plugins/DynamicCSS edited by gogo
10:13 Documentation/Plugins/DynamicCSS created by gogo
10:09 Changeset [10] by gogo
Fix to work with Xinha (the new Array. methods were leaking into the …
09:59 Documentation/Plugins/CSS created by gogo
09:47 Documentation/Plugins/ListType edited by gogo
09:47 Documentation/Plugins/ListType created by gogo
09:43 Documentation/Plugins/TableOperations edited by gogo
09:43 Documentation/Plugins/TableOperations created by gogo
09:40 Documentation/Plugins/ContextMenu edited by gogo
09:40 Documentation/Plugins/ContextMenu created by gogo
09:39 Ticket #12 (Fix ContextMenu images.) created by gogo
The images in Xinha's version of ContextMenu? are nto working.
09:35 Documentation/Plugins/CharacterMap created by gogo
09:30 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by gogo
09:19 Documentation/Plugins/HtmlTidy created by gogo
09:08 Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker edited by gogo
09:08 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by gogo
09:07 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by gogo
08:59 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by gogo
08:55 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs created by gogo
08:36 WikiStart edited by gogo
08:35 Licence created by gogo
08:27 Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker edited by gogo
08:27 Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker edited by gogo
08:23 aspell-linux-x86.tar.bz2 attached to Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker by gogo
Precompiled Linux x86 version of aspell. Simply drop extracted contents …
08:19 Documentation/Plugins/SpellChecker created by gogo
07:58 Changeset [9] by gogo
= Minor = * Fix body re * Split the button image creation into a …
07:45 Changeset [8] by gogo
Fixes to work with the Combined-Image-Buttons and work better with …
07:44 Changeset [7] by gogo
Fixes to allow unicode more cleanly.
07:43 Changeset [6] by gogo
New version from upstream (hipikat on the htmlarea.com forums). Note …
07:41 Changeset [5] by gogo
Changes to improve aspell interaction, add the ability to add words to a …
07:38 Changeset [4] by gogo
Change default position to right.
07:38 Changeset [3] by gogo
Speed enhancements.
05:44 Ticket #11 (Change HTMLArea objects/namespace to Xinha) created by gogo
It wuld be nice to get rename the HTMLArea namespace/object(s) to Xinha.
05:43 Ticket #10 (Clean & Compress code) created by gogo
The current codebase is pretty dirty and somewhat bloated. I have tried a …
05:32 Ticket #9 (Work around the "get stuck in tags" problem.) created by gogo
Bruce Webster writes: ---- [Getting stuck inside tags is] my current …
05:16 Ticket #8 (Investigate "Inline Editing" for Xinha) created by gogo
Chris Allison writes: ---- Are you familar with inline editing? Mozilla …
05:02 Ticket #7 (Examine and apply patches.) created by holtwickd
Attached is a zip file from Dirk Holtwick which contains various bits and …
04:53 Ticket #6 (Fix the problem with losing value attribute.) created by gogo
Bryan Maclean writes: […] Before applying this we should take a good …
04:27 Ticket #5 (Allow custom tags) created by LockhartT
Provide some means for custom tags […] Currently Xinha doesn't handle …
04:21 Ticket #4 (Feature Reqeuest: Allow inserting of PHP (etc) into htmlArea) created by guillaume
Allow inserting server-side markup (maybe Javascript too?). Possibly the …


10:39 Documentation/Plugins created by gogo
10:31 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/LargeImage created by gogo
10:17 WikiStart edited by gogo


23:26 WikiStart edited by gogo
23:18 WikiStart edited by gogo
22:43 Ticket #3 (Horizontal Rule Selection) created by gogo
Need a way to reliabilty work with <hr> in the editor. My current thought …
21:06 Ticket #2 (Popup window focus problem.) created by yml@…
Firefox 1.0 under Linux (rh9): On the example, if you click on any popup …
15:16 Developers created by gogo
15:07 Examples edited by gogo
15:04 Examples created by gogo
14:54 WikiStart edited by gogo
14:54 WikiStart edited by gogo
14:03 Ticket #1 (Testing) closed by gogo
worksforme: testing some more
14:02 Ticket #1 (Testing) created by gogo
This is just a test.
13:31 Changeset [2] by boffin
Tagging the initial import. We'll keep it below 1.0 until the code is …
13:25 WikiStart edited by gogo
13:23 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
13:15 DownloadXinha created by gogo
13:13 WikiStart edited by gogo
13:03 WikiStart edited by gogo
12:50 WikiStart edited by james@…
12:49 WikiStart edited by james@…
12:47 WikiStart edited by anonymous
12:14 Changeset [1] by xinha
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