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Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place

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I've tested this quite extensively and it only affects Firefox. When editing in FullPage? mode, Firefox fails to initialize the iframe if the page html contains a <link rel="stylesheet" ... /> tag which is not situated at the END of the <head> section (i.e., just before </head>). There is no problem with multiple stylesheets, so long as they are all in a block before </head>. If even one of the <link ... /> tags appears earlier in the header, Firefox fails to initialize the iframe with no error message. IE does not display this problem. The FullPage? plugin is a particular problem here, because it dumps stylesheets in any old place in the header, making the whole document impossible to edit in Firefox.

Solution: re-order all <link ... /> tags on loading the textarea. This can be done by placing the three lines of code below immediately before the doc.write(html);
statement in htmlarea.js:

  //Fix Firefox problem with link elements not in right place (just before head)
  var match = html.match(/<link\s+[\s\S]*?["']\s*\/?>/gi);
  html = html.replace(/<link\s+[\s\S]*?["']\s*\/?>\s*/gi, '');
  match ? html = html.replace(/<\/head>/i, match.join('\n') + "\n</head>") : null;

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