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toolbar element

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I've installed the last version of xhina and i think that the function addToolbarElement() is good but i don't understand why "linebreak" doesn't work ?

In my xinha's version i want to have the TableOperation?'s toolbar in the newLine.

I haven't modify the TableOperation?'s plugin and the toolbar generate is :
linebreak, TO-table-prop, separator....

I've try some possibility with linebreak and nothing work.

Maybe it comes from the function newLine() ?

help me plz

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You probably have flowToolbars on, quoting from the config...

  // Turning this on will turn all "linebreak" and "separator" items in your toolbar into soft-breaks,
  // this means that if the items between that item and the next linebreak/separator can
  // fit on the same line as that which came before then they will, otherwise they will
  // float down to the next line.

  // If you put a linebreak and separator next to each other, only the separator will
  // take effect, this allows you to have one toolbar that works for both flowToolbars = true and false
  // infact the toolbar below has been designed in this way, if flowToolbars is false then it will
  // create explictly two lines (plus any others made by plugins) breaking at justifyleft, however if
  // flowToolbars is false and your window is narrow enough then it will create more than one line
  // even neater, if you resize the window the toolbars will reflow.  Niiiice.

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by PoeuffF

I've remplaced this.flowToolbars = true; to this.flowToolbars = false; and it works.

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