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Clean up and refactor shared "createlink" code and logic

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Per #1553:

Further cleanup would be nice - the two linky plugins both
define some functions with identical logic that could be
moved to core, and I think the same could be said of the
default logic for the anchor-double-clicker. But those can
be addressed separately, and are not essential.


  • The pluginMethod.js scripts in Linker and CreateLink both define a _getSelectedAnchor method which seem to be identical. Can/should this be moved to core? (
  • Linker and CreateLink use confusingly different names for their various functions -- Linker._createLink vs CreateLink._show vs ... vs editor._createLink! It would be nice to rename the functions in Linker and CreateLink to be a bit more uniform. Would this break any backwards compatibility promises? (I doubt it, I don't think these plugins advertise anything as API.)
  • Does it make sense to define the anchor-double-clicker somewhere more stable than dblclickList? ( It seems like a shame that the DoubleClick plugin needs to rewrite this when it redefines the dblclickList because it's not necessarily obvious code.

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After 7 years, I have yet to come across a situation in which I've needed or desired to do any refactoring of Linker and friends.

In the interests of not fixing what's not broke, I think, closing won't fix.

If a use-case comes along that demands it, or at least prompts it, maybe I'll do some rework.

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