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0.95RC2 Equation plugin problem

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When inserting a math expression changes the previous math expression into mathml like expression. ex.

<p> <span class="AM"><math title="lim_(x-&gt;oo)"><mstyle fontfamily="serif" displaystyle="true" mathcolor="black"><munder><mo>lim</mo><mrow><mi>x</mi><mo>→</mo><mo>∞</mo></mrow></munder></mstyle></math></span> </p>

<p> <span class="AM">dy/dx</span> </p>

the first <p> *</p> supposed to look
<p> <span class="AM">lim_(x-&gt;oo)</span> </p>
But it changed as above when I inserted the second expression `dy/dx'

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comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by guest

Here's the fix for this issue. So far I've only tested it with Firefox 3.5.5 and with my patch for #1209 applied but it should work universally.

in xinha\plugins\Equation\equation.js replace line 176:

// var formula = node.getAttribute("title");

with this:

var formula = '`' + node.getElementsByTagName('math')[0].getAttribute('title') + '`';

Niraj Bhawnani
Research Assistant
University of New South Wales

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Thank you for your submission, this is committed in changeset:1254

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