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#1342 Xinha config autofocus setting does not work in Firefox 2 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Firefox
#1379 Image heights get recalcuated/screwed up when images fail to load defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Firefox
#1542 Fullscreen plugin hides caret/cursor in FF3.6.x defect normal Browsers_Firefox
#1159 Slow behaviour on unloading (Internet Explorer) defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1250 IE7 DOMwalk empty styled paragraphs collapse defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1355 Status bar is too wide in IE 6 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1371 Cursor position is lost when switching between modes in IE6 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1404 updating a table produces a table error in IE6 defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1440 IE6 Security error on https (This page contains both secure and nonsecure items) defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1165 TableOperations color palettes don't appear in Safari 3 Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1178 Pop-up focus problem in Safari Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1253 iPhone support? enhancement normal Version 1.0 Browsers_Safari
#1450 Option for dialog fading enhancement normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1578 Color picker does not keep proper position on page defect normal 0.97 Dialogs
#1582 Wrong dialog size of ImageManager in FF7 defect normal Dialogs
#368 full_example.php akaEdge defect normal Version 1.0 Documentation
#372 Image Resize akaEdge defect high Documentation
#428 JavaScript syntax highlighting in Wiki and Tickets akaEdge enhancement lowest Documentation
#580 wiki localisation akaEdge enhancement lowest 2.0 Documentation
#615 table wrong akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#1203 RE: Ticket #1196 - Ampersands in PRE tags - Improper assumption about HTML Rendering defect normal 0.96 HTML Output
#1531 Use PasteText plugin automatically for all pastes? task normal HTML Output
#717 Aliasing / labelling classes in pageStyle from dynamical CSS classes gogo defect high Plugin_DynamicCSS
#47 Behaviour of Enter key - changing the style yermol enhancement low Plugin_EnterParagraphs
#883 Find and Replace for HTML Source niko enhancement low 0.97 Plugin_FindReplace
#44 FullScreen and other languages gogo defect normal Plugin_Fullscreen
#109 Plugin -ContextMenu error guillaumed defect normal Plugin_Fullscreen
#112 Allow fixed width in fullscreen plugin gogo defect normal Plugin_Fullscreen
#890 line wrap in HTMLArea.indent wymsy enhancement normal Plugin_GetHtml
#288 Regarding Changeset [174] by niko yermol defect normal Plugin_ImageManager
#638 ImageManager sometimes fails to display thumbnails yermol defect normal 0.96 Plugin_ImageManager
#989 Popup option for image in the ExtendedImageManager gogo enhancement normal 0.97 Plugin_ImageManager
#16 Once you click the link button you can no longer see what you're linking. gogo enhancement low Plugin_Linker
#240 Linker: progressive loading tree gogo enhancement lowest 2.0 Plugin_Linker
#83 layer manager plugins gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_Other
#90 New plugins for Xinha gogo enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugin_Other
#439 Full Screen View gogo defect high Plugin_Other
#559 Customization gogo defect low Plugin_Other
#941 Paste-Text doen't check mozParaHandler value gocher defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_PasteText
#227 update/rewrite SpellChecker gogo enhancement low 0.97 Plugin_SpellChecker
#684 SpellChecker messing with my images gogo defect normal Plugin_SpellChecker
#207 stylistLoadStylesheet tries load css file as xml gogo defect high Version 1.0 Plugin_Stylist
#945 Add ability for stylist to add ids to blocks gogo enhancement normal Plugin_Stylist
#1027 Insert table ray enhancement low Improved table support Plugin_TableOperations
#1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor defect normal Plugins
#1168 New Plugin created - Media enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1215 [HtmlTidy] plugin doesn't work when compressed for release defect normal Plugins
#1228 [PATCH?] superClean php tidy handler defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1233 Plugin to automatically insert paragraphs in javascript enhancement normal Plugins
#1238 [Patch] SpellChecker enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1341 Stylist produces bad markup and leaves a trail of empty tags defect normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1344 CSS plugin: Strange behaviour on IE defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1351 ExtendedFileManager, wrong iframeUrl on SSL proxy sites defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1354 ExtendedFileManager Support for PHP custom session handler task normal 0.96 Plugins
#1359 EFM and image mode (RGB-CMYK) enhancement normal Plugins
#1396 EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1412 plugins/ImageManager/Classes/Files.php enhancement normal 2.0 Plugins
#1466 EFM: automatically select a newly uploaded file enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#1501 ExtendedFileManager: Resize Image by uploading enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1543 ExtendedFileManager. Wrong path when edit properties. defect normal Plugins
#1567 ExtendedFileManager images list defect normal Plugins
#1585 ExtendedFileManager Icons enhancement normal Plugins
#1592 IE Browser has issues with bulk bulleting when text is copied from notepad. defect normal Plugins
#1604 Extra Bullets are being added when indenting defect normal Plugins
#1607 Image folder contents deleted defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1608 zen coding enhancement normal Plugins
#1241 [PATCH] new dialogs -- dialogs don't close on pressing enter/return defect normal 0.96 User Interface
#1452 Customize forecolor and / or hilitecolor enhancement normal 0.96 User Interface
#1533 On-screen keyboard enhancement normal User Interface
#1572 Select text with different font sizes does not set font-size combo box to a state indicating different font sizes defect normal User Interface
#7 Examine and apply patches. gogo enhancement lowest Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#8 Investigate "Inline Editing" for Xinha gogo enhancement low Xinha Core
#13 Loading Context CSS rules into an inline editor niko enhancement normal Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#14 Ability for one toolbar to control multiple instances of editor gogo enhancement low 2.0 Xinha Core
#15 Easy way to change popups via the config gogo enhancement low Xinha Core
#38 Calculate size for hidden editors gogo defect low Xinha Core
#65 Moving images in Firefox changes src attribute value gogo enhancement normal Xinha Core
#70 IE problem loading page -- error accessing HTMLArea.I18N.tooltips gogo defect highest Xinha Core
#72 EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags yermol enhancement normal Xinha Core
#75 (Interim Solution): Including external style sheet doesn't work with IE gogo defect high Xinha Core
#78 EnterParagraphs p tag Spacing Improvement/Exception and bug yermol enhancement normal 2.0 Xinha Core
#89 Idea + Patch: call events of textarea niko defect normal Xinha Core
#110 Editable regions gogo enhancement normal 2.0 Xinha Core
#116 statusbar not acurate with end users needs gogo enhancement low Xinha Core
#129 unknown runtime error - from IE 6 gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#137 support Xhtml strict gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#140 Expletives should probably be deleted from script source gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#181 ImageManager Plugin update of paths gogo defect low Xinha Core
#235 "htmlAreaPaste" config var default gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#246 function splitBlock gogo defect high Xinha Core
#247 Xinha Help/Reference gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#277 IE6 Problem With Short Height Textarea gogo defect high Xinha Core
#294 IE's "Operation aborted" on html pages with BASE address defined gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#327 hitting enter in firefox causes double spacing gogo defect highest Xinha Core
#342 RFE: repo version or changelog tag on nightly build gogo enhancement lowest Xinha Core
#350 Set class attribute on img tag gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#359 strike/list bug gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#360 Undo behavior gogo defect high Xinha Core
#361 Adding new alignment nests div's instead of closing and starting new one - creates horrible code gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#367 Problems using Xinha with Tabs gogo enhancement low 0.97 Xinha Core
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