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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#640 tables produced by xinha do not have headers and fail to meet WAI guidelines. gogo enhancement normal Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#704 Multiple textareas one toolbar gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#916 about discarding the htmlArea license gogo task normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1014 Greek Language for Xinha AlexSoft Software defect normal Language
#1090 user documentation? akaEdge enhancement normal Documentation
#1175 IE8 beta DomWalk broken/switch to TransformInnerHTML as default? defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1177 Is there a way to get Xinha version to other apps/scripts? gogo enhancement normal Xinha Core
#1212 Unable to override create link functionality gogo enhancement normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1218 OnChange Event gogo task normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1222 Xinha causes scroll issue when in an iframe. gogo defect normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1329 [SmartReplace] replacement strings broken in compressed code broken gogo defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1474 Security problem on Xinha 0.95 pluggin Imagemanager defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1508 Editing inside DIV elements now almost impossible in Xinha/IE gogo defect normal 0.97 Xinha Core
#1517 New danish translation enhancement normal 0.96 Internationalization
#1534 "fullscreen" toolbar button does not load properly gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#1548 Have an event in a Xinha window cause actions in the rest of the page gogo task normal Xinha Core
#1551 JavaScript Timeout while saving... gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#1552 linkValidator config option gogo enhancement normal Xinha Core
#1603 problem with automatic javascript code remove from textarea gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#629 clearFonts function that removes font tags and spans gogo defect low 0.96 Xinha Core
#1129 colorpicker breaks when xinha accessed from external folder gogo defect highest 0.96 Xinha Core
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