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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1009 Problem with Image Handling yermol defect high Plugin_ImageManager
#1029 installation akaEdge defect high Documentation
#1032 Help needed on installing WYSIWYG editor akaEdge defect highest Documentation
#1033 can't get Editor to work akaEdge defect highest Documentation
#1044 problems with comma inside textarea value gogo defect highest Xinha Core
#1057 fr.js bug niko defect lowest Language
#1064 Adding Links gogo defect high Xinha Core
#1065 Scrolling in Firefox akaEdge defect high Documentation
#1067 "Linker Plugin" fails with two or more editors on the same page gogo defect highest Plugin_Linker
#1077 Parsing errors within hyperlink URLS containing & gogo defect high Version 1.0 Xinha Core
#1082 The JScript is eating parts of code everytime I edit it! gogo defect highest 2.0 Xinha Core
#1096 php code disappear gogo defect highest Xinha Core
#1106 Internal Server Error akaEdge defect highest Documentation
#1107 Font keeps defaulting to Times New Roman and size 1 gogo defect lowest Xinha Core
#1108 xinha and vb akaEdge enhancement lowest Documentation
#1113 Convert HTML to Xinha??? niko defect high Language
#1122 Problems pasting some text - it gets cut off. gogo defect highest Xinha Core
#1131 Double Space when hitting Enter akaEdge defect highest Documentation
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