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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#889 Edit HTML for seleted text duplicates font tag. gocher defect normal Plugin_EditTag
#1144 XHTML and nested lists gogo defect normal Xinha Core
#1192 strip baseHref when drag images defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1271 xinha_config.width inconsistent in Safari and FF:Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1343 Different behaviour between IE7 and FF3 with colored links. gogo defect normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1398 wysiwyg / text mode should share the same undo/redo history gogo defect normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1442 Cut paste issue gogo defect normal 0.96 Xinha Core
#1451 Reload of "Insert Image" Dialog in Firefox corrupt defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1481 Firefox doesn't show embedded content when switch to WYSIWYG mode gogo defect normal Currently Unfixable Xinha Core
#1521 Css not correctly applicated gogo defect normal 0.97 Xinha Core
#1072 insert image resize gogo defect low Xinha Core
#1092 Xinha editor does not scroll properly if wrapped by a scrolling div gogo defect high Xinha Core
#1102 Table Width Handles Needed akaEdge defect highest Documentation
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