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#1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor new defect normal
#1163 TableOperations breaks if tables have a TH new gogo enhancement normal Improved table support
#1167 Selection problem in Safari 3 prevents display of table, row and cell props dialogs reopened defect normal 0.97
#1168 New Plugin created - Media new enhancement normal Version 1.0
#1190 FormOperations Bug with IE7 with the "name" Attribute, and other errors all over the place new defect normal Currently Unfixable
#1199 Xinha resizable (beta) new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1207 Identity Portion of Equation Editor that is inserting script reference new enhancement normal 0.97
#1245 it' not possible to enter percent values to height or width attributes of images new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1250 IE7 DOMwalk empty styled paragraphs collapse new defect normal 0.97
#1253 iPhone support? new enhancement normal Version 1.0
#1279 Replace ereg* functions with preg* in php code new enhancement normal Version 1.0
#1283 New-dialogs version of TableOperations is incomplete new defect normal 0.97
#1310 Can't escape from a <pre> element new gogo defect normal 2.0
#1312 background-color is removed from table cells new gogo defect normal Improved table support
#1328 PersistentStorage/PSLocal/PSServer/PSFixed Plugins [was: Update the ExtendedFileManager to use new dialogs...] new douglas enhancement normal 2.0
#1334 Paste HTML command new gogo enhancement normal
#1341 Stylist produces bad markup and leaves a trail of empty tags new defect normal Version 1.0
#1342 Xinha config autofocus setting does not work in Firefox 2 new defect normal 0.97
#1344 CSS plugin: Strange behaviour on IE new defect normal 0.97
#1347 do something more smart than showing an alert when right-clicking statusbar item new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1349 <IMG ...> vspace hsapce deprecated in HTML 4.01 / XHTML new gogo defect normal 2.0
#1359 EFM and image mode (RGB-CMYK) new enhancement normal
#1360 Make automatic code indentation in source view mode configurable new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1361 SaveSubmit saving message does not show up in fullscreen mode new defect normal 0.97
#1365 WYSIWYG view of font face and size selections new enhancement normal 0.97
#1367 Cursor position is not set correctly when switching to source view new defect normal 0.97
#1385 Add a config option to show table borders new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1391 PreserveScripts doesn't correctly handle php in html tags new defect normal 0.97
#1393 Gecko.js, Opera.js must change to use keydown event in isKeyEvent(). Add event onKeyDown, onKeyEvent, change onKeyPress definition new gogo enhancement normal 2.0
#1395 deprecated font tags for styling reopened gogo defect normal 0.97
#1400 FF3.0.5: paraHandlerBest - When hitting Enter in a table it skips to below the table new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1403 baseHref not stripped in Edit Link new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1411 Cannot display panel at bottom in Stylist new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1412 plugins/ImageManager/Classes/Files.php new enhancement normal 2.0
#1420 Saveas button does not function in .96 new defect normal 0.97
#1421 getHTML plugins broke urls new defect normal 0.97
#1427 Font changes in Firefox when starting new paragraph new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1440 IE6 Security error on https (This page contains both secure and nonsecure items) new defect normal 0.97
#1453 PATCH: InsertImage selection dropdown for inline attachments [Needs Work] new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1466 EFM: automatically select a newly uploaded file new enhancement normal 0.97
#1475 Feature Request - Table Operations new gogo enhancement normal 2.0
#1476 Plugin spellchecker find wrong words with french accents - Ticket #120 Continued new gogo defect normal 2.0
#1480 In FF,moving anchors will create more anchor after swaping text to html new defect normal 0.97
#1481 Firefox doesn't show embedded content when switch to WYSIWYG mode new gogo defect normal Currently Unfixable
#1484 Deeply relative links cause Xinha to fail new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1487 Disco Bug in Stylist Plugin - activateEditor() new defect normal 0.97
#1489 Portuguese Brazilian translation new defect normal Version 1.0
#1493 Word clean doesn't remove Word 2007 garbage new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1494 Large Word 2007 Files locks IE 7/8 new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1495 Pasting text from Word is broken. new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1502 Create MootoolsFileManager plugin, combining ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager new enhancement normal 0.97
#1511 SuperClean and word comments new defect normal 0.97
#1513 Xinha inserts <br /> after empty <div> new defect normal 0.97
#1520 Error in WordClean - clearClass new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1522 blank space above when creating a table new defect normal
#1529 Security Issues in XINHA WYSIWYG 0.96.1 new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1531 Use PasteText plugin automatically for all pastes? new task normal
#1540 TableOperations: Resize Handles Disappear new defect normal
#1542 Fullscreen plugin hides caret/cursor in FF3.6.x new defect normal
#1543 ExtendedFileManager. Wrong path when edit properties. new defect normal
#1544 retain selection between modes reopened gogo enhancement normal
#1546 onMouseUp Event new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1547 Remove border around toolbar buttons new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1560 TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables reopened enhancement normal 0.97
#1564 Cache-busting config option new gogo enhancement normal
#1565 DynamicCSS + Stylist together break HTML/WYSIWYG mode-toggling new defect normal
#1566 List behavior on Chrome is bad new gogo defect normal
#1567 ExtendedFileManager images list new defect normal
#1568 TransformInnerHTML.js replace error new gogo defect normal
#1571 Use of current font size in lists (bullets / numbers) new gogo enhancement normal
#1572 Select text with different font sizes does not set font-size combo box to a state indicating different font sizes new defect normal
#1573 IE8 + doctype adds extra style attribute new gogo defect normal
#1579 Fonts new gogo enhancement normal 0.97
#1582 Wrong dialog size of ImageManager in FF7 new defect normal
#1584 Turkish Translation new gogo enhancement normal
#1585 ExtendedFileManager Icons new enhancement normal
#1588 Firefox - GetHtml issue new defect normal
#1589 Strange issue with the string 'graph' in the body of a xinha enabled text area new gogo defect normal
#1590 ghost cursor error with html mode toggle in Firefox 9.0.1 new defect normal
#1592 IE Browser has issues with bulk bulleting when text is copied from notepad. new defect normal
#1596 TransformerInnerHTML.js hangs browser in raw image data "img" tag new gogo defect normal
#1597 Safari 5.1.6 Webkit insertNodeAtSelection new gogo defect normal
#1598 An error has occurred: Method Not Allowed new defect normal
#1599 Ajax Problem new gogo defect normal
#1601 Incorrect width calculations new gogo defect normal
#1602 Setting editor.config.Events after makeEditors has no effect new gogo defect normal
#1604 Extra Bullets are being added when indenting new defect normal
#1606 Text area always disabled new gogo defect normal
#1608 zen coding new enhancement normal
#1611 String is not a function new gogo defect normal
#1614 With cursor at the start of a list item, [tab] should create a sublist assigned ejucovy enhancement normal
#1615 Changing heading type in a list creates nested headings new gogo defect normal
#1616 Backspace in nested lists should dedent to parent list assigned ejucovy enhancement normal
#1617 Keyboard-based table navigation new gogo enhancement normal
#1618 Catch tab keypress events and prevent default new gogo enhancement normal
#1619 Linker plugin defines a global "Node" object new ejucovy defect normal
#1620 Issue with Xinha Initialization in IE 11.0 new gogo defect normal
#1623 Editor content is escaped in IE10 new defect normal
#1625 PHP scripts in contrib folder need "<?php" at the top of the script. assigned ejucovy defect normal 0.97
#1626 Belangrijke feiten Om Simple Weight Loss Met Detox Behandelingen Maintain new gogo defect normal
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