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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1182 0.95RC2 Equation plugin problem defect normal trunk major
#1209 Equation Editor should be updated to use a newer version of asciimathml.js enhancement normal trunk major
#1530 DefinionList: Syntax error and lint warning task normal trunk major
#861 HTML Syntax highlighting in source view enhancement normal trunk normal
#1205 Add "no delete" & "no edit" config options to ImageManager enhancement normal trunk normal
#1538 TableOperations: add config option to control currently-forced linebreak in toolbar ejucovy enhancement normal trunk normal
#1545 Unformat plugin uses wrong case to locate toolbar object defect normal trunk normal
#1557 translation for plugin DefinitionList enhancement normal trunk normal
#1559 DefinitionList <dl> button errors if cursor context is <body> elem defect normal trunk normal
#1561 DefinitionList: register toolbar buttons next to standard list buttons enhancement normal trunk normal
#1562 Updated CharacterMap: better support for Celtic defect normal trunk normal
#802 Add a config option to disable dragging into an HTMLArea enhancement normal minor

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1396 EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time defect normal trunk major
#1607 Image folder contents deleted defect normal trunk major
#892 Extending inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions for internal rewriting of Flash movies gogo enhancement low trunk normal
#1207 Identity Portion of Equation Editor that is inserting script reference enhancement normal trunk normal
#1283 New-dialogs version of TableOperations is incomplete defect normal trunk normal
#1344 CSS plugin: Strange behaviour on IE defect normal trunk normal
#1361 SaveSubmit saving message does not show up in fullscreen mode defect normal trunk normal
#1365 WYSIWYG view of font face and size selections enhancement normal trunk normal
#1391 PreserveScripts doesn't correctly handle php in html tags defect normal trunk normal
#1420 Saveas button does not function in .96 defect normal trunk normal
#1421 getHTML plugins broke urls defect normal trunk normal
#1466 EFM: automatically select a newly uploaded file enhancement normal trunk normal
#1480 In FF,moving anchors will create more anchor after swaping text to html defect normal trunk normal
#1487 Disco Bug in Stylist Plugin - activateEditor() defect normal trunk normal
#1502 Create MootoolsFileManager plugin, combining ExtendedFileManager and ImageManager enhancement normal trunk normal
#1511 SuperClean and word comments defect normal trunk normal
#1716 Einfach abnehmen mit Revolyn! task normal trunk normal
#1358 SmartReplace panel shows in view source mode defect normal trunk minor
#1432 Linker - Title issue defect normal trunk minor

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#1560 TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables enhancement normal trunk normal
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