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(edit) @318   11 years mokhet add options to let the user choose between panel or popup for CharacterMap
(edit) @312   11 years gocher Repairs full_example.html Reload current page
(edit) @311   11 years gocher Ticket #458 Plugin NoteServer: There is always a _lc fonction problem …
(edit) @306   11 years mokhet sort plugins names and minor layout update for better read transform …
(edit) @238   12 years gocher new config property skin skin select for full_example
(edit) @228   12 years gocher insert template plugin into full_example-menu.html
(edit) @212   12 years gocher new plugin QuickTag Ticket #305 modified that it works with Xinha!! …
(edit) @211   12 years gocher full_example submit button to check ta
(edit) @197   12 years gogo FormOperations plugin initial checkin.
(edit) @191   12 years gocher new plugin forms
(edit) @178   12 years gogo Removing some stuff that isn't ready yet and shouldn't have been checked …
(edit) @177   12 years gogo * Minor comment changes. * Refactor events for form submit, reset and …
(edit) @156   12 years gocher new plugin EditTag to prepare parts of the editors contents in htmlmode …
(edit) @155   12 years gocher new plugin LangMarks
(edit) @154   12 years gocher new plugin InsertSmiley
(edit) @153   12 years gocher Equation plugin
(edit) @142   12 years niko added InsertWords plugin #233
(edit) @134   12 years gocher new plugin Abbreviaton to set <abbr> tags with title for …
(edit) @132   12 years gocher DoubleClick plugin onDoubleClick on tag "u" calls …
(edit) @99   12 years niko #187: added language-selection in full_example
(edit) @90   12 years niko #172 New Plugin: FindReplace
(edit) @43   12 years yermol adding modified version of Xiang Wei Zhuo's ImageManager plugin that now …
(edit) @38   12 years gogo Erroneous onload in example removed. Another of those Array prototype …
(edit) @33   12 years gogo Added plugin, couple of corrections.
(edit) @20   12 years gogo Setting eol-style subversion property.
(edit) @19   12 years gogo Adding subversion properties.
(add) @14   12 years gogo Committing new example system. Removed old examples.
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