01/23/07 14:26:04 (14 years ago)

Merge from branches/688-fixup to complete the fix of changeset:688 to
have history. See ticket:10 for info.

For reference, this is how I fixed it...

  1. Checkout
  2. Rolled back the bad revision (svn merge -c -688) in the WC
  3. Copied that WC to a branch to work on (branches/688-fixup)
  4. Checkout copy of the branch
  5. In branch, use svn mv and svn cp to shift the files properly
  6. Checkout a copy of the trunk
  7. Apply any remaining differences from the trunk to the branch (manually, just copy the files across)
  8. Checkin the branch
  9. Checkout 2nd copy of trunk as merge_WC
  10. svn merge trunk_WC@688 branch_WC@HEAD merge_WC
  11. Verify that there are no differences in the files between the

three working copies (the only difference now should be history)

  1. checkin the merge_WC (this commit)

As you can see, it's a complete pain to fixup these, so please everybody
be careful to use the correct subversion commands when you move (rename)
and copy files.

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