Changeset 1441

04/18/18 23:54:36 (3 years ago)

Some slight toolbar modifications and improve resizability.

Add some linebreaks to the toolbar between the standard drop-down selectors, this allows the toolbar to flow to smaller widths.

Also fix a resizing problem with the editor due to the status bar pushing it out when there is a lot of path information being shown. The statusBar needs to be looked at to make this better when there is too much path information to show, see #1728

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  • trunk/XinhaCore.js

    r1433 r1441  
    11271127  [ 
    11281128    ["popupeditor"], 
    1129     ["separator","formatblock","fontname","fontsize","bold","italic","underline","strikethrough"], 
     1129    ["separator","formatblock","linebreak","fontname","linebreak","fontsize","separator","bold","italic","underline","strikethrough"], 
    11301130    ["separator","forecolor","hilitecolor","textindicator"], 
    11311131    ["separator","subscript","superscript"], 
    24122412  var self = this; 
    24132413  this.notifyOn("before_resize", function(evt, size) { 
    2414 = null; 
     2414    // During a resize event, we need to force the status bar less wide 
     2415    // than would be it's actual width after resizing so that it does not 
     2416    // push-out the area wider, we must set an actual value here, neither 100%  
     2417    // nor null work, but at least Chrome does not actually redraw this  
     2418    // during the resizeso it's not really an issue to do this 
     2419 = "50px"; 
    24152420  }); 
    24162421  this.notifyOn("resize", function(evt, size) { 
    31963201  height = this._htmlArea.offsetHeight; 
     3203        // If instead of the above, we do the below, then the iframe can size smaller  
     3204  // than the area itself because the area might be pushed-out further than  
     3205  // any px size we set (or drag-resized) explicitly but the iframe not be so confined 
     3206  // that said, with the standard toolbar and flow toolbars enabled (default)  
     3207  // the editor can size down to about 250px wide (in my test right now) 
     3208  // 
     3209  // width  = this.getOverallSize().offsetWidth; 
     3210  // height = this.getOverallSize().offsetHeight; 
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