Changeset 1421 for trunk/contrib

02/23/18 11:59:35 (2 years ago)

Add support for using external plugins with XinhaEasy.js and add Xinha.pluginManifest to describe location of built in plugins (and modules) without needing to "ping" them.

The pluginManifest can be generated by bash script contrib/ and should be done and updated before release.

For external/custom plugins when using XinhaEasy.js simply set the xinha_plugins option thusly...

xinha_plugins: [ 'BuiltInPlugin1', { from: '/path/to/custom/plugins', load: 'CustomPlugin1' } ]

It works even for the PHP plugins, MootoolsFileManager? and Linker when using Xinha from a CDN etc, as long of course as they have the contrib php-xinha.php available to them.

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