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02/04/18 10:28:34 (3 years ago)

Did some brief testing in Microsoft Edge, and... it works. Uses Webkit. Only thing that jumped out was that Form Operations doesn't work well.

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    134134 *  
    135135 *          
    136  * NOTE    I am unable to test with Microsoft Edge yet to see what it picks up as,  
    137  *           I suspect webkit 
     136 * WARNING Starting with Microsoft Edge (what a silly name for a browser) this no longer  
     137 *          detects as Gecko but instead detects as Webkit.  I can't really see any obvious 
     138 *          behavioural differences between using Gecko and using Webkit (you can force  
     139 *          this by, after loading XinhaCore.js but before configuring/initialising setting 
     140 *             Xinha.is_webkit = false; Xinha.is_gecko = true; 
     141 *  
     142 *          Quoting from Wikipedia: 
     143 *              EdgeHTML is meant to be fully compatible with the WebKit layout engine  
     144 *              used by Safari, Chrome and other browsers. Microsoft has stated that  
     145 *              "any Edge-WebKit differences are bugs that we’re interested in fixing."[24] 
     146 *  
     147 *          So I think that we best have it detect as Webkit, seems that should in theory 
     148 *          be closest to the mark (vs Gecko).  Chrome also uses the Webkit Xinha module.. 
     149 *  
     150 *          It should be noted that the old InternetExplorer engine absolutely does not work 
     151 *          with edge (and probably not with IE11 I expect but I have not tried). 
    138152 *  
    139153 * @type Boolean  
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