03/28/11 23:08:39 (10 years ago)

See ticket #1502

Update to enhance reliability and functionality of MootoolsFileManager?.

  1. A couple of race type conditions caused various issues with loading the MFM.
  2. Add preselection of current image
  3. Add documentation for HSpace/VSpace in config.php

Also snuck in a couple of other bugfixes/additions:

  1. add support for having attribute "onxinhaready" on a textarea
  2. add a Xinha._posturlcontent as an analog to _geturlcontent, synchronouse post
  3. some PHP deprecation issues in the old ExtendedFileManager? and ImageManager?
  4. add a skin.xml to blue-look skin

Note: This is an older version of MFM, I am about to create a branch to work on bringing in a large update to MFM in a couple of stages.

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