source: trunk/plugins/SuperClean/dialog.html @ 842

Last change on this file since 842 was 728, checked in by ray, 13 years ago

Linker update:

  • added Xinha.Config.prototype.Linker.treeCaption that allows to freely configure the heading for the files tree
  • added white background for tree (gives more clearly arranged look)
  • clear example URL on focus
  • hide "remove link" button when not editing a link
  • changed button texts from ALL CAPITALS to normal case (also in SuperClean?) to harmonize with the other plugins
  • expanded checked to checked="checked" in dialog.html
  • Property svn:keywords set to LastChangedDate LastChangedRevision LastChangedBy HeadURL Id
File size: 337 bytes
1<h1 id="[h1]"><l10n>Clean up HTML</l10n></h1>
2<div style="margin-left: 10px;">
3    <l10n>Please select from the following cleaning options...</l10n>
4    <!--filters-->
5  <div style="margin-top: 10px;">
6    <input type="button" id="[ok]"     value="_(OK)"     />
7    <input type="button" id="[cancel]" value="_(Cancel)" />
8  </div>
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