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SmartReplace? update: now uses inline dialog for settings

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1<h1 id="[h1]"><l10n>SmartReplace Settings</l10n></h1>
2<div style="margin-left: 10px;">
3<table style="width: 100%;border:none">
4  <tr>
5    <td style="width:15px"><input type="checkbox" id="[enable]" name="[enable]"  /></td>
6    <td style="text-align:left"><l10n>Enable automatic replacements</l10n></td>
7  </tr>
8  <tr>
9    <td style="width:15px"><input type="checkbox" id="[convert]" name="[convert]" /></td>
10    <td style="text-align:left"><l10n>Convert all quotes and dashes in the current document</l10n></td>
11  </tr>
13  <div style="margin-top: 10px;">
14    <input type="button" id="[ok]"     value="_(OK)"     />
15    <input type="button" id="[cancel]" value="_(Cancel)" />
16  </div>
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