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Fixes #1386 by adding a value attribute to all checkboxes/radio buttons that didn't have any.

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1<h1 id="[h1]"><l10n>Paste as Plain Text</l10n></h1>
2<textarea name="[inputArea]" id="[inputArea]" style="font-family:monospace;height:300px;border:none;"></textarea>
3<div class="buttons" id="[buttons]">
4<label style="float:left;display:none" id="[paragraphOption]">
5<input type="checkbox" id="[insertParagraphs]" name="[insertParagraphs]" value="on" /> <l10n>Insert text in new paragraph</l10n>
7  <input type="button" id="[ok]"     value="_(OK)"     />
8  <input type="button" id="[cancel]" value="_(Cancel)" />
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