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UPDATED Ticket #1328 Provide a stab at an updated Extended File Manager. These new plugins provide document storage, saving files on the local computer with gears, user configuration, and a cleaner seperation of concerns...

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1<h1><l10n>Enabling Local Storage</l10n></h1>
2<p><l10n>Xinha uses Google Gears to enable local document storage.  With Gears installed, you can save drafts of your documents on your hard drive, configure Xinha to look the way you want, and carry this information wherever you use Xinha on the web.</l10n></p>
3<p id="InstallText"><l10n>To learn more about Gears, and enable this functionality on your system, please see <a id="[GearsLink]" href=" local storage for Xinha&return="></a> or click "Install" below.</l10n></p>
4<p id="EnableText"><l10n>To enable Gears for this website, click "Enable" to reload the page then enable Gears..  Since the page will be refreshed, please be sure to save any unfinished work.</l10n></p>
5<input type="button" id="[confirm]" value="_(Confirm)" />
6<input type="button" id="[cancel]" value="_(Cancel)" />
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