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Ticket #1093
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Rewrite the InsertSmiley? plugin. Remains compatible with ray's changes in r904 if people have made a specific configuration.

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1A small number of smileys are included in this release.
3To add more smileys,
5  1. Dump as many as you would like as image files into the smileys folder (gif, jpg, png).
6  2. EITHER:
7    a. Edit smileys/smileys.js as appropriate, or;
8    b. Set this Xinha configuration (if your server handles PHP ok)
10        xinha_config.InsertSmiley.smileys = _editor_url+'/plugins/InsertSmiley/smileys/smileys.php';
12       it will automatically pickup the new smileys without you needing to edit the js file.
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