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Last change on this file since 346 was 60, checked in by niko, 16 years ago

ticket #98: new i18n-system:

  • changed every use of HTMLArea.I18N to HTMLArea._lc-function
  • implemented HTMLArea._loadlang
  • converted all language-files into the new system
  • converted all language-files into utf-8
  • removed all jp-* language-files except jp-utf8.js (and renamed it into jp.js)
  • removed all en.js-files (not needed by the new system)
  • removed all empty i18n-files
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1// Default configuration file for the htmlArea, HtmlTidy plugin
2// By Adam Wright, for The University of Western Australia
4// Evertything you always wanted to know about HTML Tidy *
5// can be found at, and a
6// quick reference to the configuration options exists at
9// * But were afraid to ask
11// Distributed under the same terms as HTMLArea itself.
12// This notice MUST stay intact for use (see license.txt).
14word-2000: yes
15clean: yes
16drop-font-tags: no
17doctype: auto
18drop-empty-paras: yes
19drop-proprietary-attributes: yes
20enclose-block-text: yes
21enclose-text: yes
22escape-cdata: yes
23logical-emphasis: yes
24indent: auto
25indent-spaces: 2
26break-before-br: yes
27output-xhtml: yes
29force-output: yes
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