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1Form Operations Plugin
5  1. Follow the standard procedure for loading a plugin.
6  2. You may configure the plugin by setting the following configuration variables, or leave them as the defaults.
8      xinha_config.FormOperations.multiple_field_format
9        = 'php'
10              this will cause checkbox and "multiple" select fields to have []
11              appended to thier field names silently
12        = 'unmodified'
13              field names will not be silently modified
15      xinha_config.FormOperations.allow_edit_form
16        = true
17              the user will be able to edit the action, and method of forms
18        = false
19              neither action, nor method is editable
21      xinha_config.FormOperations.default_form_action
22        = 'whatever you want'
23              the default form action to set when inserting a form.  The standard one is a php file in the Form Operations directory which will email the form post to enquiries@<server hostname here>
25      xinha_config.FormOperations.default_form_html
26        = '<form>whatever you want here</form>'
27              the default html to insert when inserting a form.  The standard one is a basic contact form.  If you would like to specify an external file which contains the HTML for the form, you may do so via
28              = HTMLArea._geturlcontent('http://absolute/url/to/file.html')
29              see default_form.html for a suitable example, pay attention to the form tag.
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