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2  <body>
3    <h1>Xinha Examples</h1>
4    <p>These are the current examples for using Xinha, these demonstrate "the way" to use Xinha.</p>
5    <ul>
6      <li><a href="OneLine.html">One Line To Xinha (Zero Configuration)</a></li>
7      <li><a href="Newbie.html">Xinha Complete Example (Best For Newbies)</a></li>
8      <li><a href="UsingPhpPlugins.php">Image Uploading and Link Browsing Demo (Requires PHP)</a></li>     
9    </ul>
11    <h2>Experimenting and Testing</h2>
12    <p>These examples are mostly for testing out the plugins and used during development of Xinha, they don't necessarily follow "the way" to use Xinha in your own code.</p>
14    <ul>
15      <li><a href="ExtendedDemo.html">Extended Demo (Requires PHP)</a></li>           
16      <li><a href="testbed.php">General Testbed</a></li>
17    </ul>
19    <h2>Old Style Examples</h2>
20    <p>These examples follow some older initialisation styles for Xinha, they still work fine and you can do it this way if you like (or have existing code that does), but it's probably easier to use the first three examples above to base your work on.</p>
21    <ul>
22      <li><a href="Old_Newbie_Guide/simple_example.html">Simple Demo</a> (Lower Level Initialisation Example)</li>
23      <li><a href="Old_Newbie_Guide/Newbie.html">Old Newbie Guide Example</a> (Better to see Easy Example above)</li>
24    </ul>
25  </body>
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