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1One irritating thing with text processing is the total absence of some typographic essentials on the keyboard -- "real" (typographic) quotes and the dash, typically miss-typed as inch or second sign (") and the hyphon(-).
3This plugin lends the good old Word behaviour to Xinha, as ",', and - get converted to their respective typographic correct relatives while typing.
5 Configuration (to change the quote style from default English):
6  * through language file (see lang/de.js)
7  * through a config variable (an array that holds four values: opening single quote, closing single quote, opening double quote, closing double quote)
9 Additional config option:
10  * disable automatic replacement by default
12 Additional features:
13  * can be switched on/off
14  * convert all quotes/dashes in a document that still has the boring  "/- stuff
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