Xinha (pronounced like the Warrior Princess) stands for "Xinha is not htmlarea". It began as a stop-gap fork of the InteractiveTools.Com htmlArea WYSIWYG editor, but due to popular demand it has spawned into Xinha, a generally better version of htmlArea version 3, with a much cooler name. See the Examples to have a play with the latest release of Xinha.

The main branch of Xinha is maintained by James Sleeman of Gogo Code.

Unified Backend Branch - snapshot of 2005-05-17

This version of Xinha is known as the unified backend branch. This work is sponsored by DTLink, LLC of College Park, Maryland, USA and is maintained by Yermo Lamers. These changes are, of course, released under the same terms as Xinha itself.

The original purpose of this branch was to modify the standard Xinha distribution such that all client to server requests are routed through a single unified backend script. As part of that effort alot of cleanup work has been done. Changes include reorganizing the codebase, adding JSDoc headers, adding an extensive debugging trace system, fixing various bugs and adding a number of management scripts.

If you have questions or need help please post in the Xinha discussion forum. Or you can contact me directly via:

For more information see the README.txt file.

Examples in the local examples directory

(Turn off Popup Blockers to see the debugging trace window.)

Programmers Documentation

Status - core is now mostly functional.


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