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. more debugging messages added.
. added HTMLArea.Config.linkReplacementMode which can be either

fullyqualified (the old default behavior) or absolute.

When set to fullyqualified all absolute links (e.g. /somepath) will be changed to fullyqualified URLS (e.g. http://yoursite/somepth).

When set to absolute, all fullyqualified urls back to the current site
will be changed to absolute (e.g. httpyoursite/somepath to /somepath)
making the Xinha generated content portable between sites.

( see HTMLArea.prototype.outwardHtml() )

. bugfix - if plugin .js file has a parse error htmlarea will only try to load

it a configurable number of times before popping up an error message.


. initial unified backend created. Requests to this backend are routed

to the corresponding plugin specific backend.php file.


. a central server side configuration file has been created for the use

of plugin serverside code.

. all backends hooked into this scheme must include the central config file.


. modified the config to allow overriding default values.
. default image directory is now xinha/examples/images
. added debugging trace messages which are tagged with the ImageManager? name.
. now uses unified backend.


. includes central config.
. default directory is now the xinha/examples directory (to avoid scan.php security


. added debugging trace messages which are tagged with the Linker name.
. links selected from the tree are now displayed in absolute instead of fully qualified


. on edit the link that was previously selected is highlighted.
. on edit the selected link is scrolled to if it's outside the viewable area.
. if scan.php returns some kind of error or invalid javascript Linker now pops up

a nice descriptive error message.

. bugfix - same pattern as in loading plugins. If there is some error in loading the directory listing Linker will only attempt it a few times before giving up and

displaying a nice error.


. added clear_s() method to clear the selection
. added getNodeElement() method to return the <a ..> element for a given node.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to LastChangedDate LastChangedRevision LastChangedBy HeadURL Id
File size: 461 bytes
3  <!--------------------------------------:noTabs=true:tabSize=2:indentSize=2:--
4    --  Xinha example frameset.
5    --
6    --  $HeadURL$
7    --  $LastChangedDate$
8    --  $LastChangedRevision$
9    --  $LastChangedBy$
10    --------------------------------------------------------------------------->
12  <frameset cols="200,*">
13    <frame src="full_example-menu.html" name="menu">
14    <frame src="full_example-body.php" name="body">
15  </frameset>
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