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_ddt() trace system now writes to a popup window resulting in much faster execution.
_ddt() messages now identifiy file, line and source of trace message.
_ddt() popup window has "add hr" link
ddtpreprop.php script added to patch in file and line numbers.
full_example-body.html and simple_example.html bugfix to not double-call xinha-init.
simple_example.html now only loads a single Xinha instance.

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2Xinha Unified Backend Branch.
[84]4by: Yermo Lamers of DTLink,LLC
7The Unified Backend Branch code has been released under the same terms
8as HTMLAREA itself. For license information please see license.txt.
10If you have any questions or comments about this branch of Xinha development
11please post to the Xinha forums or you can use the contact form above.
15This version of Xinha is known as the unified backend branch. The main difference
16between it and standard Xinha is that all client to server communications
17will be routed through a single backend script. This should make integration of Xinha
18into mod_rewrite environments much easier and less error prone.
20In part because I am new both to this kind of Javascript development and Xinha itself,
21I've reorganized Xinha to make the code easier for me to understand. htmlarea.js
22has been extensively edited (hacked and/or broken beyond repair depending on your
23point of view).
25JavaDoc style headers have been added to all methods in addition to extensive
26debugging trace messages.
28A number of scripts have been being added to make the codebase more manageable.
29See the README_DEVELOPERS.txt for more information.
31For more information see:
33  INSTALL.txt
35  index.html
36  docs/index.html
38As of 2005-04-15 this is a development snapshot.
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