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Changes to said updates by gogo (sleemanj @ github)

Modifications to MootoolsFileManager? to work with those updates, some courtesy of GerHoblett?, some sleemanj

GerHoblett? provided a large diff which accomplished the goal in a quite different way. It has merit, however I have opted for a less-affecting path in so far as Xinha's "way" is concerned, namely, not splitting the config for a single plugin into several calls to backend config passing functions which seemed a little cumbersome.

Instead I take the option of using POST to send backend data around, at the minor expense of an extra round trip when displaying thumbnails (for each one). This could be reduced by checking for thumbnail existence and returning the thumbnail name directly in "onView" rather than the backend request to generate said thumbnail.

Still to do, is to make the preview pane thumbnail also work.

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1                  getID3() Commercial License
2                  ===========================
4getID3() is licensed under the "GNU Public License" (GPL) and/or the
5"getID3() Commercial License" (gCL). This document describes the gCL.
9The license is non-exclusively granted to a single person or company,
10per payment of the license fee, for the lifetime of that person or
11company. The license is non-transferrable.
13The gCL grants the licensee the right to use getID3() in commercial
14closed-source projects. Modifications may be made to getID3() with no
15obligation to release the modified source code. getID3() (or pieces
16thereof) may be included in any number of projects authored (in whole
17or in part) by the licensee.
19The licensee may use any version of getID3(), past, present or future,
20as is most convenient. This license does not entitle the licensee to
21receive any technical support, updates or bugfixes, except as such are
22made publicly available to all getID3() users.
24The licensee may not sub-license getID3() itself, meaning that any
25commercially released product containing all or parts of getID3() must
26have added functionality beyond what is available in getID3();
27getID3() itself may not be re-licensed by the licensee.
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